Three steps to the perfect pantry

Ready, set, go!
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Is the clutter in your pantry out of control? You aren’t alone.

Luckily, restoring order to the chaos in your cupboard can be achieved in three easy steps.

How to organise your pantry in three simple steps 

Remove everything

Clear some space on your counter. Next, remove everything from your pantry. As you do this, try and group similar items together. 

Check expiry dates 

Take stock of everything that is now on your kitchen bench, checking expiry dates. Instead of throwing old and out-of-date items out, see what you can compost and recycle. Now think about how you can store all of your items in your pantry. Invest in a series of stackable, clear storage containers or jars in a variety of sizes, decant any open packages into them and identify the contents with a marker pen or stick on labels. Your new rule should be ‘No open packets in the pantry – ever!’


Delegate items you use every day to the prime shelf space. Additionally, make sure you group like items together and try not to stack large containers in front of smaller ones, as they may be forgotten. Add a small lazy Susan to make it easy to access bottles of oil and sauce. If you’re short on space, don’t forget to make use of the back of your pantry door.

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