Old fashioned hair colour treatments you can do at home

Take the DIY route.
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These days there are easy ways to dye your hair. You may choose to go to a salon or DIY at home, but with those pesky greys peeking through after a short time, the upkeep can be time-consuming and costly, not to mention smelly with all those chemicals.

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For years women have been making their own colour rinses themselves at home. They don’t do the same job as a permanent hair dye, to be sure, but they will intensify the colour of your hair and are easy to make. 

Why not try these old-fashioned treatments for yourself?


Light hair

Try an infusion of chamomile flowers used as a rinse. Another option is diluted lemon juice.

If you can get your hands on quince (something you can easily grow in your own garden) the juice added to the water you rinse your hair with will give a lovely golden shine. 

Mid brown hair

Cold tea works a treat to give a chestnut-coloured shine. Try pouring it (cold) over your hair regularly for the best effect.

Dark hair

A blend of rosemary and red sage in a cold tea can intensify the colour of dark hair. 

While you are at it, red sage is a herb often used to relieve hot sweats in menopause, so worth having in the cupboard.

Extra shine

No matter what colour you have you can easily give yourself some extra shine.

  • Put four to five sprigs of fresh rosemary into a litre of water and bring to boil.
  • Simmer for 30 minutes and let it cool.
  • Remove the sprigs and keep the water in a bottle until ready to use.
  • After shampooing (and rinsing out) pour the rosemary water through hair.

This article originally appeared on Starts at 60.

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