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This paint colour that will add value to your home

The quick and easy way to make it look more expensive
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What is the best thing you should do before selling your house?

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Eliminate clutter? Get it professionally dressed? Or tidy up the garden to improve street appeal? Most people will agree that painting their house is a definite must-do to add value to your home.

How to increase property value with paint

how to  increase house value with paint

Why you should paint your house ivory

And according to experts, the one colour that will add value to your home is ivory.

“Ivory gives the illusion of a fresh space,” explains Victoria Gimson, design director and founder of Decorum Interior Design, “so buyers are more likely to think that a property has been recently decorated and is well taken care of.”

“Ivory acts as a blank canvas to furniture, artwork and accessories and automatically creates a feeling of space so buyers will feel as though they are getting more for their money,” she elaborates.

Gimson suggests that furniture in rich “jewel-like” shades will anchor an ivory space and add personality.

“A lick of fresh ivory paint,” she says, “is a minimal investment in time and money that could potentially increase sales figures by thousands.”

how to  increase house value with paint
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How to make a room look more expensive

New York-based interior designer Tali Roth agrees that ivory makes a room look far more expensive.

“It’s a ‘forever color’ that has featured throughout every era,” she explains.

“It’s luxurious in the sense that it is delicate by definition and must be handled with care. Plus, all ivory spaces appear to be larger, loftier, and airier.”

Roth concludes that ivory is “much easier to do well than other colours.”

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