The dip healthier than hummus

That’s a pretty big call…
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When it comes to dips, hummus tends to hog the spotlight – with perhaps a bit of glory for guacamole, too – but there’s a new Middle Eastern spread that’s vying for our tastebuds’ attention. 

The Independent reports that Muhammara (pronounced mmmhamara) is popping up on brunch menus across London – which apparently means you just know it’s about to be the ~cool~ new thing.

And yes, we’re sure the billion people who eat this every bloody day are rolling their eyes right now. 

It’s hardly a new concoction (but we’re sure some hipster somewhere is taking the credit) originating in Aleppo, Syria, and it’s often found in Levantine and Turkish cuisines.

The dip is a combo of roasted red capsicums, walnuts and olive oil with some variations of the recipes calling for Aleppo pepper, garlic, toasted nuts and pomegranate molasses.

“It’s this completely delicious dip, it’s vegan and it’s so easy,” chef Dixie Innes told Munchies.

“It’s quite an intense, sweet and sour flavour and then you’ve got this really lovely nuttiness which gives it body.”

Right, well we’re sold.

You can try this recipe if you’re yet to be convinced! 

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health

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