Magpie mayhem: which states have had the most swooping this year

Who's come out on top?

Which state has come in number one for magpie swooping?

Now that magpie season is over, it’s time to take a look back on the mayhem that it was. The infallible Magpie Alert website has shared its insights into which state has had the most swooping this year. 

And the winner is… Victoria! 

Australian cyclists and pedestrians alike have logged their swooping encounters, and Victoria has been crowned king of them all! 

Victoria has had a whopping 798 swooping attacks registered on Magpie Alert, while NSW came close in second with 719. 

One of the smallest areas in Australia, Canberra, has also been hit quite often this year, with 640 attacks on residents. 

So, where should you go if you live in fear of the swooping magpie? Tasmania of course! Tassie had a measly 4 magpie attacks, which is perfect for those who loathe magpie season or just have general ornithophobia (fear of birds). 

Unfortunately for cyclists, they’ve got it the worst. Out of 3047 registered attacks across the country, cyclists received 69.6% of attacks from magpies. If you live near a magpie, our best advice is to try and make friends with it. After all, magpies have great memories and can actually remember faces. 

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When is magpie season? 

Magpie season occurs during magpie mating season, which is springtime for Australia. Swooping season usually starts in August and will end around late October or early November. While it may seem like an extremely long period, the average Aussie magpie will only swoop for around 6 weeks of this period. 

How do you stop magpies swooping you?

Staying safe during magpie season usually means finding protective gear to wear. You cannot stop magpies from swooping you when the season comes around. If there is a known swooping magpie that lives on your frequented routes, or even in your backyard, wearing a helmet with cable ties or an ice cream container on your head when leaving the house. It may also be wise to wear protective sunglasses or bring a hat with you.  

What makes magpies angry? 

Birds respond to what they perceive as a threat. During magpie or swooping season, magpies are mating or looking after they’re newly born young. This means that most animals, people or objects within their vicinity pose a threat to them.

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