Second urgent recall issued for Kmart furniture item

"Several incidents have occurred since the launch of the recall."
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Seven years after its initial recall, Kmart has reissued a warning for their metal chairs after more safety concerns have resurfaced.  

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The simple metal Kmart brand chairs sold in red, white and black, were first sold in stores back in 2014 and initially recalled in 2016 due to a defect that could cause “entrapment or laceration”. 

Now, years after the chairs were pulled from shelves, the retail giant has chosen to reissue the recall due to several recently reported incidents involving the popular furniture item. 

kmart metal chair recall
(Credit: Product Safety Australia)

“At Kmart, we take the quality and safety of our products very seriously, which is why we are re-issuing a 2016 product safety recall,” a Kmart spokesperson said.

“Several incidents have occurred since the launch of the recall. Therefore, we strongly encourage customers to seek appropriate resolution.”

Kmart urges anyone possessing the chairs to return them for a refund or to pick up a free plug insert kit that will fix the defect. No proof of purchase is required.

Check your products for the following keycodes on a sticker under the chair: 42024705, 42122609 and 42127949.

Contact Kmart customer service for more information. 

Due to the nature of the recall, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission urges consumers to stay on top of recalls at Product Safety Australia.

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