How to fold your sheet sets like a pro

Get a neat and tidy linen cupboard.
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Follow this foolproof method of bundling a sheet set into a neat package. 

Spare sheet sets are great for when you have overnight guests, or you like to swap your sheets on wash day. However, folding your bed linen can be difficult and tiresome, especially when a fitted sheet is involved. 

But when Juliet Love is on the case, nothing is too hard to overcome! Let’s take a look at her easy method for folding your sheet sets into the perfect bundle. Your linen cupboard will never look the same way again!

Follow the step-by-step guide below:


Step 1

Step 1A
Step 1B

With long side of fitted sheet going across your body and right side of fabric face up, pick up top two corners, then flip corners over hands.

Step 2

With corners still over hands, move down short edge of sheet until you reach opposite left corner. Tuck left hand inside corner, then tuck right hand into opposite right corner. Shake out to smooth. You will be left with a rectangle. Flip right corner of sheet over left corner of sheet.

Step 3


Lay sheet on a flat surface with elastic facing up. You will see a C-shape on the sheet. Smooth down.

Step 4


Fold into thirds lengthwise, smoothing sheet as you go.

Step 5

Step 5A
Step 5B

Repeat Step 4 width-wise, folding sheet into thirds again.

Step 6


Take flat sheet, fold in half in one direction, then fold in half in other direction. Put open ends on top, right and bottom, and folded end along your left.

Step 7


Put folded fitted sheet in centre, near right edge of folded flat sheet.

Step 8


Fold flat sheet’s bottom end up towards centre of fitted sheet, then the top end down so the ends overlap.

Step 9


Fold right end of ‘package’ over and lay down. This open end creates a pocket.

Step 10


Bring left end up and tuck into pocket.

Step 11

Step 11A
Step 11B

Now fold each pillowcase in half, lengthways, then in half the other direction, then in thirds.

Step 12


Slip folded pillowcases into pocket. Your bundle is now ready to stack onto the shelf. 

Time to tackle your towels


It’s always a good idea to have extra bathroom towels on hand, but consolidating sets and avoiding a pile-up in the cupboard is tricky – unless you bundle them up, bed-linen style.

Simply follow Steps 6-12 of the sheet-set folding instructions, replacing flat sheet with main bath towel, and pillowcases with face and hand towels.

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