How to clean your home with these 11 old-school cleaning methods

A smarter way to clean your home.
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Keeping your house clean isn’t easy. Throw in some children and all the other people entering your home. It’s very easy for things to get out of control, leaving you feeling overwhelme and unsure where to start. 

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That’s where cleaning methods come in. 

Cleaning methods provide a structured approach to tackling cleaning tasks. They break down the process into manageable steps and routines, making it easier to keep your home clean and organised.

To help gain control of your home, here are 11 cleaning methods worth trying. 

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different cleaning methods to see which one feels most comfortable and effective. 

How to clean your home

1. 5S method 

The 5S method originated in Japan and stands for sort, set in order, shine, standardise, and sustain. While primarily used in workplaces, the principles can be adapted for home cleaning and organisation.

The sort and set-in-order steps stand for decluttering, followed by setting designated spaces and using labels to keep items organised. Regular and deep cleaning ensures a shining environment, while standardising involves establishing cleaning routines and involving everyone in the process. To sustain the results, building cleaning habits and conducting periodic reviews are essential. This method ensures a harmonious, clutter-free, and consistently clean living space.

2. Unclutter your life in one week

This method, introduced by Erin Rooney Doland in her book Unclutter your life in one week, provides a step-by-step plan to declutter and organise your home over the course of seven days.

3. Speed cleaning method

The speed cleaning method focuses on efficient cleaning techniques to finish the job quickly. It involves using tools and products strategically to save time while still achieving a clean result.

how to clean with cleaning methods
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4. The OHIO method (only handle it once)

This principle suggests that when you come across an item or task, you should deal with it immediately instead of setting it aside to address later. Doing so helps prevent clutter from building up in your home. Read more about the OHIO Method

5. The Swedish death cleaning method

This method, popularised by Margareta Magnusson’s book The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning, encourages individuals to declutter and organise their possessions as they age, reducing the burden on their loved ones.

6. The Flylady cleaning method

The Flylady cleaning methid is a system developed by Marla Cilley to help people establish cleaning and organising routines in their homes. It focuses on breaking tasks into manageable chunks and establishing daily and weekly cleaning habits. Read more about the Fly Lady Cleaning Method.

how to clean with cleaning methods
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7. The KonMari method

Developed by Marie Kondo, the KonMari method emphasises decluttering and organising belongings by keeping only items that “spark joy” and finding specific places for each item in your home.

8. The Sidetracked home executives (SHE) system

The She system, introduced by Pam Young and Peggy Jones, involves creating a card-based system to keep track of household chores and routines.

The system involves creating index cards or sheets of paper for each household task, such as cleaning specific rooms, doing laundry, or organizing certain areas. Each card represents a particular task that needs to be completed regularly. Read more about the She system.

9. Core 4 method

Kayleen Kelly is a professional organiser specialising in chronic clutter and clients with ADHD. To help make life easier for her clients, she developed the CORE 4 method, which breaks down decluttering into four easy steps: clear out, categorise, cut out, and contain.

Following these steps will keep your eye on the prize (a clean home), stay focused, and, most notably, finish the job. There’s no quitting when using this technique. 

Choose a room in your house to declutter, follow the four steps and don’t move on to another room until it’s done. Read more about the Core 4 method.

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10. Complete the cycle cleaning method

As the name suggests, this cleansing method is about not leaving things for later: you complete the cycle. If you put on a load of washing, then you follow through and dry the clothes and then put them away. You do not leave it for later. Then the cycle is complete.

11. 5 x 5 system

Developed by The Secret Slob, The 5×5 system involves picking five rooms or zones in your home and cleaning each one. This cleaning method is very similar to the FlyLady Cleaning method, but instead of spending a week in one zone, you spend 5 minutes a day. 

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