How to clean your wheelie bin

Bad bin smells - be gone!
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It’s probably one of the worst cleaning chores in the home, but somebody has to do it. With the sun blazing down on your wheelie bins, comes the stench – and that unrecognisable ooze – from food decomposing in the heat.

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1. Rinse it out

Rubbish collection day is the perfect opportunity to give your wheelie bin a good old clean. The first thing you need to do is hose it out, but make sure you dress appropriately in case of back-spray. A high-pressure hose is ideal to give it a thorough clean, but a garden hose with a high-pressure nozzle should also do the trick.

Once you’re satisfied the bin is clean, turn it upside-down to drain and dry.

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2. Soak and steam

If you find a simple spray just doesn’t cut it, pour ¼ cup of eco-friendly dishwashing liquid into the bin. Fill it with approximately 15 cm of water and let it stand for about 30 minutes.

To help loosen any gunk in the bottom of the bin, you could also add 4 jugs of boiling water, close the lid and let the steam do all the work.

3. Scrub 

After 30 minutes, open the lid and give the inside of the bin a good scrub with an outdoor broom. Empty the bin, give it another spray with the hose and turn it upside-down to drain and dry.

Wheelie bin on its side
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4. Disinfect and fragrance

When dry, give it a spray with a disinfectant spray (such as Dettol Glen 20, which is available at most supermarkets).

How to keep your wheelie bin cleaner for longer

• Soak up liquids in the bottom of your bin by placing a few sheets of newspaper in the base.

Slow down waste decomposition by placing the wheelie bin out of direct sunlight.

Give your bin a wash down every two months using a store bought anti-bacterial disinfectant or white vinegar cleaning solution. This will assist in killing off any germs and help reduce unpleasant odours.

Place waste in your compost bin, whenever you can. Take a look at this guide on how to make compost.

Double up on biodegradable bags for waste that is likely to break down into a liquid and ooze into the wheelie bin.

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