Three Australians share their journey with diabetes technology

How convenient new tech is making life easier for people living with diabetes

For people living with diabetes, managing glucose levels is an everyday occurrence.

In fact, it’s estimated that people living with diabetes face up to 180 diabetes-related health decisions every day, which can be an exhaustive process.

Thankfully, Flash Glucose Monitoring is designed to provide glucose readings with a painless one second-scan from a simple non-invasive scanning system.

The number one sensor-based glucose monitoring system used worldwide, FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring system is the first product in the Flash Glucose Monitoring category and is designed to help liberate people with diabetes from many of the hassles of glucose monitoring, such as routine finger pricking.

How the FreeStyle Libre system works

The FreeStyle Libre system allows for convenient tracking of glucose levels and consists of two main products.

FreeStyle Libre sensor: a small, disposable 14-day sensor that is worn on the back of the upper arm and continuously measures glucose levels and stores them for a period of eight hours.

FreeStyle Libre reader: a compact, handheld reader that displays glucose readings and stores up to 90 days of glucose data. When the reader is scanned over the sensor, it shows a current glucose reading, last eight hours of data, as well as a trend arrow (indicating if glucose is going up, down or staying steady).

You can also use the sensor with the FreeStyle LibreLink App. Both the reader and app allow users to automatically share their glucose data reports with their healthcare professional, making check-ups easier than ever before.

To get your glucose reading, you simply perform a quick, one-second scan of your phone or reader over the sensor. The easy scan gives you more information than blood glucose monitoring, without the need for routine finger pricks.

Australians share their stories

Below, three Aussies share how their lives have changed since they began using the FreeStyle Libre system to assist them in managing their diabetes.

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Tyson, fourth generation cattle farmer

Tyson is a fourth-generation farmer who has been living with diabetes since childhood. Before discovering FreeStyle Libre, he would use the finger prick test to manage his insulin levels but admits he’d often miss testings as it was too fiddly, especially when out working on the farm. Tyson and his family have noticed a positive change in his mood since he began using FreeStyle Libre.

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Gavin, husband and father-of-three

Father-of-three Gavin was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 23. Since the diagnosis, Gavin estimates he has pricked his fingers more than 55,000 times, often having to leave work meetings to measure his glucose levels. Over the last year, Gavin has been using the FreeStyle Libre system and loves how convenient it is, especially the smartphone app which records daily patterns, averages and the estimated A1C screen.

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Leanne, professional photographer 

While there was a time when she was embarrassed about having diabetes, Leanne has now begun embracing life. FreeStyle Libre helps Leanne to manage her glucose levels while she is out and about as a professional photographer.

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