The best dog subscription boxes to set your pup’s tail wagging every month

A delivery that they’ll actually love.
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As pet parents, there aren’t enough ways we take care of our beloved animals. After all, they’re an important part of the family and our homes wouldn’t be complete without them.

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They get all the best toys to keep them happy and stimulated, treats to reward good behaviour, and the best pet food on the market to fill their bellies.

But, there are also the monthly treatments we must stay on top of; necessary grooming, scheduled social time, and much, much more. It can get a little overwhelming at times.

Which is why, a subscription box specifically tailored to your furry friend will do wonders when it comes to taking a load off your plate – and your dog will absolutely love you for it.

Here, we’ve gathered some of the best dog subscription boxes in Australia to delight your beloved pooch, and yourself in the process.

The best dog subscription boxes in Australia

dog food membership Frontier Pets

Set and forget free-range dog food membership, from $49.95, Frontier Pets

Never worry about ordering your food again with a Frontier Pets membership, where your food (and anything else you like), will be delivered to you at a time that suits you.


Tailored meal plan subscription Perfect Bowl

A tailored meal plan subscription, Perfect Bowl

With the help of experts, Perfect Bowl takes your dog’s age, weight, and activity level to make their meals just right for them. Deliveries will always arrive on the same day, so you don’t need to worry about your four-legged friend going hungry.


Treats and toys Waggly

Treats and toys, from $45, Waggly

Take a quiz to find a box that is utterly right for you and your pup, where they’ll get treats and toys customised just for them.


Curious Little Dog Box Pet Circle

Curious Little Dog Box, from $31.41, Pet Circle

Based on the most popular and top-rated products on the market, you can be sure this box will please even the fussiest pets. It’s the paw-fect way to pamper and treat your special fur baby.


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