8 crazy toothpaste hacks

Handy tips to use all around the house!
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Often thought of as a hygiene essential with a single purpose, toothpaste can actually be used in many different ways around the home.

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Here are eight clever things that you can do with the oral-care essential besides brushing your teeth.

1. Scuffed sneakers
If you have scuff marks on light-coloured shoes or white sneakers, they are easy to remove with a little toothpaste. Using an old toothbrush and a pinch of toothpaste, give the marks a good scrub. Finish by wiping away the residue with a damp cloth.

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2. Clean a hair straightener
Dab some toothpaste onto a dry cloth and wipe away any traces of built-up hair products on your curling iron, curlers or hair straightener. Finish by wiping with a damp cloth to remove any leftover toothpaste and air dry before using.

3. Cloudy headlights
Rub cloudy car headlights with toothpaste, and they’ll come up beautifully clean. It’s a great way to remove road grime and spiderwebs and help buff out minor scratches.

4. Return shine to silver jewellery
Jewellery looking a little dull and tarnished? Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste onto a cloth and give a gentle clean, rinse well and dry with a cloth. However, avoid using toothpaste on soft gems like pearls and opal that may scratch

5. Remove soap scum
Squeeze out a 10-cent piece size of toothpaste onto a damp sponge, buff onto shower doors and fibreglass walls to remove soap scum. Rinse off and wipe down with a microfibre cloth to finish.

6. Get rid of food odours
After preparing a fish dish with onions and garlic, it can leave your hands with a lingering odour. Squirt a teaspoon amount into your palms and rub all over as if you are applying hand cream. Then rinse well with water and say bye-bye to odours.

7. Marked walls
Have the kids decided to draw on painted walls with permanent markers and crayons? A bit of toothpaste and a damp sponge can easily remove any unwanted marks. Wipe down with a wet cloth and allow the area to air dry.

8. Give your sink a clean
Does your sink need a squeaky clean? Grab a damp sponge with a drop of toothpaste and give it a good all-around clean. The drain smelling minty fresh is an added bonus.

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