How to make DIY faux flower arrangements

For beautiful bouquets that never wilt.

There’s brightens a room more than a big bunch of brightly-coloured blooms on a table or shelf. Sadly, bouquets of flowers can be expensive to buy, and can wilt quickly. Fortunately, you can now buy high-quality faux flowers that look almost identical to real flowers – and these can brighten up your home just as well as any fresh-cut flowers.

How to make DIY faux flower arrangements

You’ll need:

Foam block

Faux flowers and foliage

A vase or vessel

Look #1 Pink flowers

  • Choose three types of green foliage, and three types of flowers in small, medium and large sizes, in white, pale pink and bright pink

Look #2 Blue flowers

  • You’ll need three types of foliage in both bright and pale green, then faux flowers in purple and bright blue, plus some berries.

Look #3 Australian native

  • Look for four different types of native Australian foliage, and 4-5 types of native Australian flowers in small, medium and large sizes. Look for flowers with different shapes. 

Watch the video below to see how it is done

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