Download the free knitting pattern for Harry Styles’ famous colour block cardigan

The designer has released the official pattern.
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The iconic colour block patchwork cardigan made famous by British singer Harry Styles is having a moment in the sun.

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The singer was pictured wearing the cardigan while doing a sound check, and it wasn’t long before the cardigan had its own hastag on TikTok, and devoted fans were recreating the work of art themselves.

The Harry Styles cardigan

harry styles cardigan

But before you try and replicate the pattern yourself, the designer, JW Anderson, has released the official Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan pattern to download for free

“I am so impressed and incredibly humbled by this trend and everyone knitting the cardigan. I really wanted to show our appreciation so we are sharing the pattern with everyone. Keep it up!” said a statement on the JW Anderson website

Knitting stitches you need for the Harry Styles Cardigan

The Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan is made up of different coloured squares using a combination of 6 common knitting stitches such as garter stitch and moss stitch. But you’ll also need to master the reverse bee stitch, jersey slip stitch, and jacquard knitting technique. Featuring a v-neck and button-up front, this oversided cardigan will make the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe.

harry styles cardigan pattern

Yarn and needles

Knitted using 8mm knitting needles, the Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan requires a selection of different coloured yarn. The official JW Anderson pattern also combines two yarn weights – Aran and super chunky – to create a textured look.

Skill level

The Colour Block Patchwork Cardigan is a project for a beginner to intermediate knitters.

Overall, the pattern has a 4.2-star rating on Ravelry, with many finding the cardigan moderately easy to make. However, some found the instructions difficult to follow. 

Although chunky in design, this isn’t a quick knit. Knitting patchwork can take some time, as you must create each square and sew them together to create your cardigan. In saying that, the end result is definitely worth your time.  

If you are new to knitting, the Color Block Patchwork Cardigan is perfect for trying new stitches and experimenting with different colours. 

Go forth and be like Harry. Happy knitting!

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