Mums share what washing machine setting will keep your towels soft

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If you’ve ever had crunchy bath towels after doing the laundry, you’re not alone. This common issue has led many people to wonder what washing setting to use for towels that come out soft and fluffy instead.

In fact, one mum was so tired of stuff towels that she took to the Facebook Group, Mums Who Clean, to ask for soft towel recommendations.

The secret to soft towels

“Looking for suggestions for bath sheets that stay soft even after washing. Thank you,” she said.

While plenty of people shared their favourite brand of soft towels, others said it’s all about how you wash them that keeps them nice and fluffy. 

Your washing setting for towels can help them dry soft and fluffy.
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It’s all in the rinse cycle

Lots of mums said washing their towels in a front loader makes them crunchy, others say it all comes down to this simple washing machine tip: double rinsing!

One mum said: “I wash them with minimal detergent. I don’t use softener or vinegar (I tried it but couldn’t tell any difference) and double rinse them. I have a top loader.”

Another mum added: “I wash towels as usual, but I do an extra rinse cycle.”

“I find my towels are MUCH harder to keep soft in my front loader compared to top loaders. The only thing that helps is extra rinse cycle washing and dry in the dryer,” said another.

This mum said, “I have a front loader, always wash in warm water, use an extra rinse cycle, dry on the line, when 3/4 dry, finish in the dryer, always soft.”

So there you have it. The secret to softer towels is to run an extra rinse cycle on your washing machine. 

Setting an extra rinse cycle on your washing machine can help towels dry fluffy.
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What does an extra rinse cycle do?

Detergent and other residues can build up on your towels (making them crunchy) for two reasons:

  1. Using too much detergent.
  2. Your washing machine’s rinse cycle is not very effective.

The extra rinse cycle ensures all of the detergent and residue is washed out of your towels.

If your clothes are feeling crunchy, too – this is why!

Another issue is that some store-bought detergents contain a lot of fillers, like cardboard and potato skins, that can clog up the fibres in your towels. Read more about detergent fillers

Six tips to decide what washing setting to use for towels

  • Try a double or extra rinse setting. If it improves the feel of your towels, you can then try adding less detergent and doing a single rinse (which would save time, water and detergent!).
  • Check your machine settings first – some have a bedding, bulky or heavy cycle that could be ideal for a load of towels.
  • A regular or cotton setting typically works well for towels.
  • Cold to warm cycles are typically the most effective settings.
  • Choose a setting with a high spin speed to help get as much water out of the towels.
  • If you’re using a dryer, choose a bulky, cotton or regular setting and check the towels once the cycle is finished.

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