How to wash up the right way

Get the job done properly.

Stuck without a dishwasher? Need to wash some fragile items? Follow these simple steps and get the washing done the right way.

1.Scrape the plate into the bin then give each item a rinse in clean water.

Fill items like pans with hot water and allow them to soak.

3. Start with a clean sink. You might want to use a plastic washing up bowl to help protect your dishes and glasses, and you can use the gap between the bowl and the sink for rinsing.

Dirty dishes
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4. Fill the bowl or sink with hot soapy water then hand wash in this order:

  • glasses
  • mugs, saucers and side plates
  • large plates
  • cutlery
  • serving ware
  • pans and roasting tins.

5. Use hot water to rinse each item as you go along, and place on a rack to drain.

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