A top bird-song identifier app is now available in Australia

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Europe’s top-selling bird song app is now available in Australia.

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Have you heard a bird chirping in your backyard and want to know what it is? Now, with the click of a button, you can find out. The ChirpOMatic app will instantly check your recording against a library of birds and provide you with the closest match.

ChirpOMatic bird identifying app


Australia is a bird lover’s paradise with around 850 bird species, and almost half of them are found nowhere else in the world! That’s where ChirpOMatic comes in handy. Whether it’s the tiny Weebill or the loud Brolga, this app can identify them all.

Founder Dr Hilary Lind is thrilled to bring ChirpOMatic to Australia. She says, “We wanted to create an app that quickly helps people identify birds in their backyard or when exploring nature. We aim to make the best apps that blend our love for birds with amazing technology.”

chirpomatic bird app
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How do you use ChirpOMatic?

  • When you hear a bird, open the app.
  • Tap the red button to record the bird’s sound for just 10 seconds.
  • Watch as the app tells you which bird made the sound! You can even listen to a similar sound and read a quick description of the bird. 

There’s a special built in bird-safe mode that makes sure you won’t disturb the birds while using the app. You can only play the bird sounds when you hold your device close to your ear. Smart, right?

How much does ChirpOMatic cost? The app is available for Android devices with a free trial and for iOS devices, including the Apple Watch. But after that it will set you back $6.99.

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