9 ergonomic pillows to invest in for the soundest night’s sleep

From soft to firm, memory foam to feather...

In need of a better night’s sleep? The key could be your pillows. Pillows come in many shapes and sizes: soft, firm, memory foam, anti-snore, and even boomerang. With endless options, it can be hard to tell if you’re sleeping on the right one for you.

A good pillow can fix your whole night routine which can have the knock on effect of better mood and improved health. So don’t spend another restless night searching for the perfect pillow, this simple guide will find it for you.

9 best pillows to shop in 2024

Hutterite Goose Down Pillow

Hutterite goose down pillow, $253, Canadian Down & Feather Company

Indulge in Canadian craftsmanship and comfort with this pillow, carefully made with Canadian fill and a soft 400 thread count cotton shell. Filled with 700 loft goose down from Hutterites in Alberta, it offers a luxurious, ‘sinky’ feel.


emma foam pillow

Emma foam pillow, $199, Emma Sleep

Fully adjustable in firmness and with removable layers, the Emma foam pillow is all about individualised comfort. Featuring pressure-relieving memory foam, supportive HRX hyper-soft cold foam and ultra-breathable Airgocell memory foam – as well as a moisture-resistant top cover – this ergonomic pillow is made for the soundest of slumbers. No matter in which position you sleep, you can adjust this award-winning design to your liking; and if you don’t like it, you can return it during your 100-night trial.

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Macoda memory foam pillow, $150, Macoda

No matter the kind of sleeper you are, this charcoal-infused memory foam pillow should be your go-to. Charcoal is the perfect tool for dissipating heat, neutralising odours and absorbing moisture – so, resting your head upon a Macoda pillow is a great idea if you want to stay cool and fresh all night long. Plus, there is a layer of cooling gel on one side of the pillow, perfect for hot summer nights.



The Eva pillow, $120 (usually $150), Eva

Using the same sleep technology as the award-winning mattress-in-a-box, the Eva pillow is a gamechanger when it comes to slumber time. With adjustable firmness, custom memory foam, cooling foam to promote airflow, as well as activated charcoal to regulate moisture and remove odours, you’re set for a solid night’s sleep. Plus, with a 120-night trial period, you can once and for all decide if the Eva pillow is for you with no strings attached.



Ergoflex HD memory foam pillow, $123.49 (usually $189.99), Ergoflex

If you suffer from neck pain, this Ergoflex memory foam pillow is a stellar pick as it shapes around your head and neck for immediate pressure relief – helping you to sleep more soundly. Made with high-density visco-elastic memory foam, this pillow is naturally anti-microbial as well as hypoallergenic, also making it an optimal choice for those with allergies. It’d be hard to come across a more supportive pillow than this one.


(Credit: Myer) (Credit: Myer)

Tontine Classic Allergy Sensitive white pillow, $27.98 (usually $55.95), Myer

For anyone suffering with allergies, this pick from Myer is the pillow for you. Endorsed as a ‘sensitive choice’ by the National Asthma Council Australia, this breathable and fresh pillow comes in soft, medium and firm.


(Credit: (Credit:

Dunlopillo luxurious latex classic medium profile and feel pillow in white, $107.99 (usually $179.99), Myer

This versatile pillow appeals to most sleepers. It’s supportive but not too firm, cosy but your head won’t sink into it. Made-to-last, this handy pillow will keep its shape and is easy to clean. 


(Credit: Ecosa) (Credit: Ecosa)

Ecosa pillow, $120 (usually $150), Ecosa

Let your neck and head sink straight into this firm memory foam pillow from Ecosa. Not only will your body be in the best position while you sleep, but it keeps the aches and pains at bay. With an ergonomic design and adjustable height pads, this pillow will fit perfectly into the curve of your neck.


(Credit: Sleeping Duck) (Credit: Sleeping Duck)

Anti-gravity foam pillow, $120, Sleeping Duck

This anti-gravity pillow brings a sense of weightlessness to your sleep so you can have a deep, undistributed rest. If you toss and turn during sleep, the pressure-relieving properties of the foam will keep your head and neck supported in any position.


How to find the right height pillow for you?

Getting the right pillow comes down to height and filling. Since we are all different sleepers, the perfect pillow depends on the person. The general rule goes by height. Anyone with a small frame suits a low-profile pillow and the same goes to medium and tall. 

However, it’s a little more complicated than choosing by your own height, as the kind of sleeper you are matters just as much. Low-profile pillows suit tummy sleepers, medium-profile pillows suit back sleepers, and high-profile pillows are best for side sleepers. 

When it comes to head and neck support, medium to high profile pillows is the best choice. Find a pillow that sits in the crevice between your head and shoulder without altering your head’s height.

What pillow filling is best?

The most popular pick for filling is polyester. While this can be a good choice as they are typically soft and supportive, it depends on the quality of the product as a bad one will be lumpy. 
For something more long-lasting and supportive, memory foam is your best bet. They contour to your head providing great support and comfort and can be picked up for a moderate price. Feather pillows are also popular and are light-weight, comfortable, and cuddly. However, they’re non-adjustable and typically expensive. 
For more luxe pillows, latex and wool are your go-tos. Natural latex is breathable and low-allergenic with a bit of bounce back, while wool is soft and a great choice for anyone who prefers natural fibres.

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