12 best king mattresses from $439 that will have you snoozing spaciously

Innovative, comfortable and fit for a king.

Updating your bed with the best throws and nicest quilts is often a priority, so why should your mattress be overlooked?

After a long day of work, chores and daily life duties, we can universally agree that jumping into a cosy king-sized bed fit with a quality mattress is one of life’s greatest gifts.

However, if your bed leaves you uncomfortable, gives you bodily pains and you find yourself tossing and turning all night, it might be time to upgrade your mattress. 

But we understand — finding the right mattresses for your body can be a nightmare (and an expensive investment). So, we researched for you and curated a list of the very best king mattresses on the market, weighing up different firmness levels, materials and technology, as well as reading through thousands of reviews. 

The best king mattresses to shop in Australia 2024

Emma Diamond Hybrid II Mattress

Emma Sleep Luxe Breeze king mattress, $3049 at Emma Sleep

The Emma Sleep Luxe Breeze mattress (formerly known as the Emma Diamond II) is the latest upgrade for your best night’s sleep yet. With revolutionary Thermosync® foam, it’s easy to enjoy quality temperature regulation for faster sleep onset and a deeper rest. Designed by sleep experts, it also adapts to your body, ensuring comfort designed *just* for you.

Pros: Free delivery, 100-night risk-free trial, 10-year warranty, zero per cent interest instalments, comes with a machine-washable cover, arrives in a box and can be set up in minutes.

“Our sleep has improved so much and we feel as though we are waking up happier and ready to take on whatever the day throws at us!” wrote a five-star reviewer on Instagram, with another writing: “I can tell you this is a life changer. It has provided more support for my back and has helped my quality of sleep.”

Key features: 

  • Medium-soft firmness
  • Combination of memory foam and 7-zone infinity springs for superior support
  • Winner of ‘Best Cooling Mattress 2024’ by Best Mattress AU
  • Comes with a machine-washable cover for easy convenience



Origin Hybrid Pro mattress, $2819 (usually $1549) at Origin Mattress Australia

Winner of ‘Premium Mattress of the Year 2023’ in Australia and the UK (plus, over 30 international awards), this cooling mattress is crafted with eight layers for the deepest sleep. Designed with a patented SmartClimate cooling system to keep hot sleepers cool throughout the night and an extra-plush pillowtop for cloud-like comfort and support, you’ll experience the most deep and undisturbed sleep every night. 

Pros: Free and fast delivery, 120-night trial, 15-year warranty and Australian design-certified.

“I have had the Origin hybrid mattress for a month now and it’s safe to say these have been some of the best sleeps to date,” one five-star review said. “As an athlete who also works for a living, sleep is super important for me to be recovering day to day and feeling my best. I’ve really noticed physically I’m feeling more rested and my smartwatch also has said my sleep quality has improved.”

Key features:

  • Perfect firmness for all sleepers (rated 6-7 on a scale of 1-10)
  • Extra plush pillowtop for cloud-like comfort
  • Designed by top sleep specialists worldwide
  • Featuring HexaGrid Plus comfort layer and an advanced SmartClimate cooling system
  • Winner of over 30 international awards
  • One tree planted for every mattress sold



5G memory foam king mattress, $1279.99 (usually $1599.99) at Ergoflex

Sink into five layers of memory foam goodness with the 5G king mattress by Ergoflex. It features a 9cm top layer of high-density visco-elastic memory foam for body-shaping performance, preventing back pain and zero partner disturbance, meaning you can stay deep in your slumber until the birds start singing.

Pros: Next-day delivery and free returns, 30-night trial, 10-year warranty and removable and washable TENCEL woven cover.

“Every night I get into bed I appreciate this mattress,” one satisfied customer wrote on ProductReview. “Many years back I suffered a back injury, which is why we got an Ergoflex in the first place (recommended to us by a friend who sustained a very serious back injury, and swears by them now!). My wife and I both find this mattress really helps.”

Key features:

  • Winner of Australia’s ‘Best Mattress for Back Pain in 2024’ 
  • Naturally anti-allergenic
  • Cool-Sleep Airflow system
  • Recommended by practitioners across Australia
  • Suited for use on electric adjustable beds
  • Tried and trusted choice since 2006


Koala Plus Mattress

The Koala Plus mattress, $1890 at Koala

The Koala Plus mattress is Koala’s most advanced mattress yet, featuring 33 per cent more Kloudcell for superior support, cooling and durability. It incorporates CoolThread technology and breathable cooling gel Kloudcell for enhanced airflow and ventilation, as well as a seasonal topper for temperature control.

The mattress’ five support zones align your shoulders, hips and feet, while its flippable comfort layer allows you to choose between medium-firm and firm options.

Pros: Free delivery, 120-night trial and 10-year warranty.

“Very fast delivery, easy installation, super comfortable mattress,” one five-star reviewer wrote. Another person said: “Bonus is the less disturbance from my partner moving around.”

Key features:

  • 33 per cent more Kloudcell for more comfort
  • KloudCell is double-sized to switch between medium-firm and firm comfort
  • Five targeted high-density support zones
  • Quilted topper can be unzipped and flipped from Organic Cotton to CoolThread to suit different temperatures



Premium adapt king mattress, $1600 (usually $1950) at Eva

If you’re toying between a memory foam mattress or a pocket spring mattress, a hybrid mattress may be the answer to all your woes. The Eva king mattress combines the dreamy comfort of plush memory foam with the premium support of pocket springs – all delivered to your doorstep mattress-in-a-box style. Upgrading your existing mattress has never been easier.

But the standout feature has to be the customisable firmness. Each mattress comes with three built-in firmness levels – soft, medium and firm – so you can immediately try all three in your home. However, if you’d like to adjust your mattress further, Eva will send you an additional foam layer for free (there are two additional foam layers – softer and firmer – which aren’t included but can be requested). Plus, you can also purchase half-half foam layers, perfect if you and your sleeping partner have different sleeping preferences.

Pros: Free delivery and returns, 10-year warranty and machine-washable cover.

“We haven’t slept this well in a long time,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “This mattress is just so comfy. We spent a lot of time reading the reviews before we purchased, they were pretty solid reviews. So we took the plunge and the reviews were spot on. Don’t waste your money on mattresses that cost thousands of dollars. This Eva mattress is so comfortable and stops the aches for half the price.”

Key features:

  • Nine adjustable firmnesses available, including half-half layers
  • Dedicated foam encasement for edge support
  • Cooling gel memory foam and CoolMax top layer fabric for temperature regulation



Ecosa Pure mattress, $1600 (usually $2000) at Ecosa

Within Ecosa’s range of mattresses, the Pure mattress offers the best spinal alignment with zoned support for your back, shoulders and knees. Plus, enjoy undisturbed sleep with its advanced weight distribution technology and breathable layers.

Pros: 100-night trial, next-day delivery to metro areas, 15-year warranty, waterproof cover to protect the mattress and low partner disturbance.

“Such a good mattress,” wrote a five-star reviewer. “I can sleep through my partner moving around in the night for the first time ever! Really supportive and comfortable and not too hot as well.”

Key features:

  • Adjustable firmness from medium to medium-plush by changing the layers
  • 4500 pocket springs and micro coils over two layers for unmatched comfort and support
  • Seven zones of high-gauge pocket springs
  • Strategically spaced coils and foam
  • Adaptable Latex Foam technology conforms to your body’s contours
  • Breathable materials and moisture-wicking cover
  • Made from eco-friendly materials



Atlantis king mattress, $2149 at Atlantis Sleep

Rest easy knowing the mattress you’re sleeping on from Atlantis Sleep is doing good for the planet. The Sea-Soft top cover is made from innovative Seaqual fibre combined with renewable TENCEL. Seaqual fibre is made from rescued plastics from the ocean while TENCEL is made from sustainably sourced wood – the combination of the two creates a super soft, breathable, moisture-absorbing fabric.

Encased within the cover is a Hybrid-Flow layer for breathability and pressure relief, a Comfort-Adjust layer for personalised comfort and a layer of premium pocket spring for contoured body support.

Pros: 100-night comfort guarantee, 10-year warranty, free shipping on all metro orders, Australian-owned and made and various firmness options available with free swaps.

“I ordered a medium for my side and firm for my husband,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “We are both very happy with our respective choices; comfortable and supportive especially for my hips. Mattress quality appears to be very good and the cover is soft and luxurious.”

Key features:

  • Soft, medium, firm and half-half-firmness options available
  • Free firmness swaps after 21 nights
  • Super soft Australian knitted quilt cover and ultra-breathable pressure-relieving comfort layers
  • Multi-zoned support system optimises body contouring and minimises partner disturbances
  • Option to have your existing mattress removed – and later recycled – upon delivery of your new Atlantis one for an additional $60



Firm mattress, $1248 (usually $1469) at Sleep Firm

This firm mattress by Sleep Firm has been awarded as Bedbuyer’s ‘Best Firm Mattress’ three years in a row – 2022, 2023 and 2024 – and is perfect for those who prefer a firmer sleeping surface. With high-density foam comfort layers and pocket springs for optimal support, this Melbourne-made mattress-in-a-box prevents excessive sinking or sagging, especially around the hips and lower back, to alleviate bodily pains. Plus, it comes with a 15-year warranty.

Pros: 100-night free trial, 15-year warranty and Australian-made.

“Finally, a firm mattress that works for me,” one happy five-star reviewer wrote. “I’m 6’4″and 100kg. This is the best sleep-inducer that I have had in years. I wake without a sore back and can finally feel rested.”

Hundreds of others have also confirmed the mattress hasn’t sagged after months of using the mattress. “I wanted to write a review at least four months afterwards due to seeing if it did sag or not,” one person wrote. “And it hasn’t! I weigh around 80kgs and tend to always sleep in the same spot too. There is no sagging in this particular favourite spot of mine.”

Key features:

  • Rated a 9 out of 10 on the mattress firmness scale
  • Up to 1326 quality pocket springs
  • Springs are 42 per cent stronger than standard ones
  • Five separate sleeping zones
  • Boomerang foam technology springs back into place after each sleep
  • Quality foam box edge prevents rolling off
  • Officially endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation



High definition pocket spring king mattress, $1359.15 (usually $1599) at Sleep Republic

Winner of the ‘Best Overall Mattress in a Box’ three years in a row by Bedbuyer, recommended by CHOICE two years in a row and endorsed by the Australian Spinal Research Foundation, we introduce you to your next king mattress upgrade.

With up to 2500 high-definition pocket springs for support, a luxuriously soft cashmere knitted pillowtop for ultimate softness and a layer of gel-infused memory foam that provides pressure relief – it’s easy to understand why Sleep Republic is one of the top mattress brands in Australia.

Pros: 100-night free trial, free shipping, 12-year warranty and $100 off any mattress by signing up to Sleep Republic’s newsletter.

“Both my husband and I were suffering back and hip pain, putting it down to being part of getting older,” one of the 1.3k five-star reviewers wrote on Product Review. “Our new mattress has been a life saver, improving sleep and pain. Delivery was quick and easy. The bed feels so comfortable, yet still firm and supportive.”

Key features:

  • Award-winning mattress
  • Dynamic edge support
  • 2500 high-definition pocket springs provide support in five specific body zones
  • All returned mattress are donated to charities like the Salvation Army



Macoda king mattress, $1400 at Macoda Mattress

Is your mattress too soft or too firm? If you’re looking for a mattress that is *just* right, then look no further than the Macoda king mattress.

This latex and gel memory foam mattress is adjustable to your liking by unzipping and removing the white top of the mattress to reveal two foam inserts — one thick and thin. When flipped accordingly, the mattress density is adjusted from soft to firm.

Pros: 100-night trial, free delivery and returns and 10-year warranty.

“I’ve had my mattress for three weeks now and am thrilled with the purchase,” one happy customer wrote. “I get up feeling more awake now and have less back and hip pain.”

According to several customers, the only drawback to the mattress is that it’s too comfortable. 

Unfortunately it is too comfortable for my husband,” one customer admitted. “He used to get up at 4:45 am to get ready for work but that’s changed to 5:15 most mornings now. I’d recommend this mattress for anyone who has neck, shoulder, back and hip issues.”

Key features:

  • Winner of ‘Australia’s Best Comfort Mattress 2024’ by Bedbuyer
  • Customisable firmness with the flippable layers
  • Five zones of individual pocket springs
  • Signature cool-touch cover optimises breathability
  • Graphene-infused memory foam instantly adapts to the body’s contours for uninterrupted sleep



SD Mach II king mattress, $1999 at Sleeping Duck

You can never go wrong with the highly-rated mattress brand, Sleeping Duck. Its award-winning SD Mach II king mattress features the iconic anti-gravity foam (which is more responsive than memory foam) and pocket springs with tailored support zones, which contour to the curves of your body. Additionally, it features a Permiter Zone that provides unmatchable edge support.

Plus, you’ll have the luxury of choosing between two solid firmness levels, or you can opt for a half-and-half option, which is an ideal choice for couples.

Pros: 100-night trial, free next-day delivery (mostly to metro areas and some regional), free firmness swaps after 21 nights and 10-year warranty.

One happy sleeper wrote: “I’m loving my SD, I’ve always woken up with a sore back, neck, legs and just put it down to ageing. Not only have my aches and pains ceased, but I’m now sleeping through the night.”

Hundreds of other customers have also confirmed the mattress has improved their body aches. “The best support for my lower back, ever,” another person admitted. “I can sleep for hours without moving.”

Extra features: 

  • Customisable firmness – medium, firm and half-half options available (with soft and extra firm custom-made options available after purchase)
  • Includes a removable and washable BreatheTech cover made from bamboo yarn
  • Reinforced perimeter support
  • 100 per cent Australian made high-density foams



Osteopedic medium Euro top pocket spring King mattress, $439 (usually $560) at Temple & Webster

This king mattress from Temple & Webster has become a cult buy with over 600 five-star reviews. With zero partner disturbance technology, pressure-relieving top padding foam layers for prime comfort and support and a medium-firm design, all at an affordable price, it’s no wonder it’s remained a top pick. 

Pros: Fast delivery and 12-month warranty.

“Was sceptical at first about a mattress in a box and didn’t think it would be very comfortable but wow wasn’t I surprised!” wrote a five-star reviewer. “This mattress is so good and would have to be the most comfortable I have ever owned. Still loving it and would highly recommend it to anyone who cares about getting a good night sleep.”

Key features:

  • Medium firmness
  • Five-zone pocket springs
  • Zero partner disturbance technology
  • Durable side-handles
  • Pressure-relieving Euro-top padding foam layers
  • Luxurious 400gsm knitted jacquard cotton cover


What is the best king mattress to buy?

The best mattress meets all of your specific sleep needs. Perhaps you run hot while you sleep and you’re in need of a breathable mattress, or you’re a memory foam mattress fan, while your partner much prefers a bed with pocket springs. Whatever your different needs may be, we believe it’s important to address it – after all, having a good night’s sleep shouldn’t be compromised.

So, if you’ve been putting off the task of updating your mattress for a while, then this is your sign to swap it with one of our top picks of king mattresses that are fit for…well, a king.

Which is better: a memory foam mattress or a spring mattress?

If you’re looking for a mattress that provides pressure relief, support, zero-partner disturbance and is hypoallergenic, a memory foam mattress is the way to go.

If you are on a budget, or you prefer a mattress that is more responsive with better airflow, then a spring mattress may be a better option.

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