Grate expectations: how to choose the perfect bathroom drain

Your shower will thank you.

Choosing the right drainage for your bathroom is a balance of style and purpose.

A bathroom grate or drain cover plays a pivotal role in the functionality of your bathroom. Not only that, but bathroom drain covers are very visible within a shower or wet area, and often draw the eye. This means that both function and aesthetic are important factors, and must be considered when picking the best drain for you. 

Beyond a mere utilitarian fixture, a well-designed grate should smoothly integrate into your overall design scheme. And whether incorporated into a sleek minimalist bathroom, a luxe spa-like retreat, or even a period-style bathing space, your drain cover must have the capability to properly drain away water. 

Bathroom drain cover options

There are a variety of drain covers available, and a number of stylistic choices you can choose from to make sure your drain blends seamlessly, rather than standing out.

Traditional or point drain

Usually in a square or circular design, a point drain is the most common drain design you will find in a home. They collect water at a singular point (hence point drain) and are positioned in the middle of the bathroom floor or shower. Traditional drains require a slope or slight decline around them to ensure that water is able to reach it. They are considered to be the easiest to clean. 

Linear grate and drain system (Credit: Supplied)

Linear drain 

A linear drain is quickly gaining popularity for its sleek shape and minimalist design. It works best with large format tiles, and is usually positioned to the wall or side of a shower. This design is an elongated drain that collects water along the length of a channel.

This drain style is considered to be the best option for both style and aesthetic, and will blend seamlessly with your bathroom flooring. Stormtech’s linear grate and drain system is ideal for your architectural yet functional needs within your modern-style bathroom. 

(Credit: Supplied)

Tile insert drain

The newest option for drain covers is a tile insert drain. With great hidden drainage, this tile insert is the epitome of sleek style. Operating the same way a point drain does, the tile insert has, you guessed it, a piece of perfectly sized tile placed on top of the drain.

While it may be a little heavy to pick up and clean, this style of drain is quickly becoming a favourite among designers and bathroom experts for it’s great look and performance. 

(Credit: Supplied)

Installing a bathroom drain cover

Because there are so many factors to consider when installing a drain, including slope, shape of bathroom, height of drain and even bathroom style, it is best to hire a professional. A plumber is able to fit all the necessary drainage as well as the drain cover on top as the final step. When looking for the perfect drain to suit your needs, it is recommended to consult your plumber on all the specs and sizing required.

After that, you can choose your style from the options above, or even opt for something customised, like the drains Stormtech can create for you. Stormtech’s Product Configurator allows you to get an instant quote for your preferred linear grate style, finish and size to suit your needs. It couldn’t be simpler. For more information, call 1300 653 403 or visit

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