Bathroom always messy? Try this old-school cleaning method

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Ever wondered how some people manage to keep their bathroom clean, and others can’t work out how so much toothpaste ended up on the mirror or where all the empty shampoo bottles have come from? The secret isn’t spending hours slaving over a dirty bathroom with your cleaning supplies in hand. It can actually be as simple as having a bathroom cleaning method that breaks cleaning down into bite-sized tasks so you don’t get overwhelmed.

A great example of this is the old-school cleaning method called the FlyLady cleaning method

Created in 1999, the FlyLady method involves creating a system for cleaning and decluttering your home in a manageable and stress-free way.

How to clean a bathroom easily?

Bathroom cleaning methods that break the job down into smaller tasks can make it easier.
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The FlyLady is a big fan of “swishing and swiping” the bathroom, including your toilet, every day. In fact, she makes it part of her daily routine. 

The FlyLady morning routine is broken down into four parts, and below is the first step taken from her website:

  • “Make your bed as soon as you get out of it (unless someone is still in it!)
  • Go into the bathroom, shower, and clean it while you’re there
  • Fix your hair and face and wipe over the sink
  • Swish the toilet and leave the room
  • Leave your bedroom with a load of laundry in hand and go straight to the washer.”

There’s also weekly and monthly cleaning tasks involving the bathroom, but swishing and flicking your bathroom daily will make deep cleaning much easier when the time comes. 

Other things people with clean bathrooms do

Cleaning the bathroom can be a family job.
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Wipe down mirrors regularly

People with clean bathrooms wipe down their mirrors regularly. The more you do it, the easier this cleaning task will be. If done weekly, it should take 2 minutes between brushing your teeth and putting your make-up on. Try this recipe for a DIY mirror cleaner. 

Keep cleaning supplies in the bathroom

You’ll need your cleaning supplies within reach for any of the above to work. Have a designated area (that children can’t reach) for your cleaning supplies, so you can get it over and done without getting distracted or forgetting altogether. A microfibre cloth, a tin of Bon Ami and some cleaning spray will do. 

Squeegee the walls

We’ve talked about this a lot. But getting into the habit of wiping your shower walls and glass with a squeegee daily can help keep the soap scum at bay for a little longer. 

Toilet cleaner tablets are a low-maintenance way to get this job done.
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As we know, The FlyLady is a big fan of “swishing and swiping” the bathroom and toilet. For a low-maintenance toilet cleaning option, toilet cleaner tablets are one option that don’t require any effort. 

Turn the ventilation on after showering

It’s no secret that mould thrives in the bathroom thanks to all the delicious moisture. Running the exhaust while you are showering does help, it isn’t enough – the key is leaving it on after you’ve finished.

The time you need to leave the exhaust on for will vary, depending on who you ask. But around 15-20 minutes should be enough to eliminate extra moisture in your bathroom. 

Declutter regularly

It’s so easy to let empty bottles and containers build up in the bathroom. But once they are empty, remove them from the bathroom. 

If you hate the idea of your empty plastic bottles ending up in a landfill, we have a solution. It’s called BRAD – a recycling program for hard-to-recycle items, like toothpaste tubes, face soap dispensers, plastic razors and blades, plus lots more!

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