Aldi’s sell-out anti-snore pillow is back

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If your partner’s snoring is taking a toll on your quality of sleep, you’re not alone.

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With women reportedly missing out on 3 hours of sleep a night due to factors like period pain and childcare duties, your other half’s snoring shouldn’t be another reason.

While there have been many anti-snoring solutions in the past, including expensive masks and even a pineapple plant, this one from Aldi is by far the easiest.

Aldi’s popular ‘Anti-Snore Pillow’, which first dropped last year, is being re-released in the latest special buys sale for $19.99.

The ‘Kirkton House’ pillow works by correcting the head and neck positioning which opens up airways to minimise sleep position-related snoring.

aldi pillow
Aldi’s anti-snore pillow (Credit: Aldi)

The pillow has an “S” shaped foam insert which encourages side sleep, and it’s made from antibacterial-treated fibre with a breathable cotton cover.

The pillow is on sale now until stock lasts, however stock is limited between stores, so get in quick!  

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