10 things around the home that you need to clean every year

Do you wash these items yearly?
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Life can get so busy sometimes that it can be difficult to keep up with home cleaning. Lucky for us, there are some items which only need to be cleaned once a year.

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There’s a big difference between a quick weekend tidy and deep cleaning your home like a professional. For a quick once over, there are a lot of items you can give a miss, but for a deep clean you want to get into every nook and cranny.

While everyone has their own way of cleaning, make sure you’re not making any novice mistakes as these items only get an annual clean. 

Pull out all your trusty cleaning products and get started. 

1. Gutters

We often neglect to clean the gutters. It is important to maintain the roof of your home as it can make the exteriors of the home look a little messy. The best time to give the gutters a clean is during Autumn. Just grab a ladder and use a hose to remove any messy build ups.

2. Light bulbs

A common home for dust lies within light bulbs. It can make rooms look less bright due to the dust coating. To alleviate the dust, make sure your lights are off and cool to unscrew. Then wipe with a lint-free cloth and your good to go again!

3. Window frames

When left unattended for long periods of time, window frames can get quite messy. To keep it clean, wipe around the frame with a brush. Create a solution using two teaspoons of dishwashing liquid and ½ cup of white vinegar in warm water.

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4. Cupboards

If your cupboard is packed with unwanted items, then cleaning at least once a year should help avoid the situation.The best way to approach the cleaning cull is to remove mass accumulation of items and chucking away expired ones. Be sure to also clean the cupboard while you do your annual clean.

5. Washing machine

To ensure your clothes are as fresh as can be, it is best to do a yearly clean of your machine.

Using ¼ cup of bicarbonate of soda and ¼ cup of water you can create a powerful cleaning paste. Pour this paste into the detergent holder and pour 2 cups of white vinegar into the drum. Then use with a normal load to break any mould build up. When the cycle is complete, rub around the opening with a sponge and water. 

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6. Outdoor furniture

It can be a pain to always clean outdoor furniture before a party or family gathering. Before a major gathering period comes up (such as the summer holidays) it is great to do a major clean up. For plastic, aluminium and iron item, wash using a damp cloth with simple soapy water. When cleaning is complete you can then hose away with soapy water.

7. Clothes dryer

Another common place for dust build-up is within clothes dryers. To thoroughly clean the dryer, you will need to clean the lint filter with soapy water and use a damp cloth to wipe the drum. Also be sure to clean and check your dryer exhaust. Dust buildup can be dangerous here as it could be a potential fire hazard.

8. Under furniture

If you have looked under your couch or fridge, you have probably noticed the horrors that lurk beneath. Get a relative or friend to help you move the furniture to do your annual grime swoop. It is best to dust and vacuum away the dirt buildup, plus you can mop away any sticky residue.

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9. Garage/shed

Don’t let your garage become an extra disposal place. In your downtime, get some family or friends help sort through your garage or shed. Going through this space can help organise useful items and can make items easier to find. Throw out any unused or broken items and gather unwanted items for charity. You can then wipe floors, vacuum dust, and remove any leftover leaves and webs.

10. Curtains

While you can use your vacuum to quickly clean your curtains, it is even better to do a thorough yearly clean. Take them down and wash in a washing machine or get them steam cleaned. The room will look bright as ever without any dust and grime build up.

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