This simple DIY technique will transform dark brick walls

Bagging brick makes a difference!

After moving into a new home, one woman decided to put her weekends in isolation to good use by giving her space a brand new look.

Starting off in the living room, the space featured a dark, retro-style brick wall with a small window that allowed for little light.

“We’re brimming with DIY and renovation ideas for this new home of ours, but first it’s planning!” she wrote.

With the help of her partner, the couple was able to transform the space by simply painting the brick wall white. 

The couple opted for the bagging brick method, which involves the application of a mixture before painting. The method protects the brickwork and also ensures the texture of the brick is not hidden.

WATCH a video of the process below. 

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To complete the look, they added a timber shelf underneath the window and adorned it with indoor plants and trinkets.

“Our first try at bagging brick. We learned A LOT about getting the right render consistency, but we got there and are so happy with how it turned out,” she wrote. 

After a few coats of white paint, the makeover looks well worth the trouble. 

People took to the comments to share their admiration of the simple DIY project.

‘Looks amazing!! You guys are so clever,” one wrote.

“Wow, what an improvement! Love the texture of it,” said another.

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