5 things every outdoor kitchen needs

How to design an outdoor kitchen

Australians love entertaining and they love the great outdoors. While summer is still here and we’re sure to have a few more months of good weather ahead, now is a great time to be out and about making the most of the sunshine and balmy evening breeze.

An outdoor kitchen is an excellent idea because not only does it mean you can cook outside, but it provides a communal place for entertaining and the family to gather. There’s a few things you need to consider if you want an outdoor kitchen for yourself, so we spoke to barbecue expert Adam Roberts from Barbecues Galore about his top five tips for an outdoor kitchen.

1. You need a gravel pit

“A gravel pit is a no-maintenance zone which is great for lighting charcoal, cleaning off the grill plates or for hosting a fire bowl marshmallow-roasting party.”

2. You need hot and cold water taps 

“Cleaning barbeques can get messy so it’s best to keep the cleaning of grills and barbeque trays outside where possible.”

3. Locate your outdoor kitchen in close proximity to indoor kitchen and dining

“There’s nothing worse than having to walk to the opposite end of the house or down the back yard and have to far cook away from all the guests. Being close to the kitchen, dining and entertaining area is important for social cooking if you want to spend time with friends and family.”

4. Include a stainless steel workspace

“Stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and is a very hygienic preparation and cooking space. It’s the perfect choice for an outdoor kitchen.”

5. A range of quality BBQ’s

“It is totally ok to own more than one barbeque. A 3-4 burner gas grill and a portable charcoal smoker/grill will enable endless cook methods and flavours to wow your guests.”

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