Kmart hack: How to make pineapple-shaped door knobs with a $1.50 ice cube tray

Add a touch of summer to your furniture.

When furniture artist and DIY-lover Teleasha Shorter found a pineapple ice-cube tray at Kmart she decided she had a better use for it than just ice!

After a quick DIY she was able to create gorgeous mini pineapple-shaped door handles which she attached to her summer-inspired hall table. Better Homes and Gardens Online caught up with Teleasha to find out all about her genius Kmart hack.

summer hall table
A gorgeous summer-themed console with gleaming pineapple handles. (Credit: Teleasha Shorter)
finished product
The stunning final product! (Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

What inspired your project?

I recently started using resin to create furniture mouldings and when I saw the pineapple ice cube tray in Kmart that’s when inspiration struck! 

Have you made many things before?

I’m a furniture artist and serial upcycler and I am constantly trying to think outside of the box and create unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.    

pineapple mould
The $1.50 Kmart ice cube tray (Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

What kind of look were you after?

I was inspired by a summer sunset. The pineapple handles added the finishing touch to the summer-inspired hall table. 

Biggest challenge?

Honestly, the hardest part is waiting for the resin to set! 

Door knobs (Credit: Teleasha Shorter)
close up of knobs in tray
(Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

Talk us through the process

1) Mix up the resin and catalyst.

2) Half fill pineapples. 

3) Place the knobs in the resin. 

4) Continue to pour resin around the knobs and fill pineapples to the top.

5) Allow resin to set.

6) Remove newly created pineapple handles from tray.

7) Prime them with Slick Stick. This ensures the spray paint will adhere and wear well over the years.

8) Spray paint and then allow to dry and cure.

9) Attach handles to you drawers or cabinets! 

(Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

Budget Breakdown

Pineapple ice cube tray $1.50

Protite Casting Resin 500g $23.98

Protite Resin Catalyst 15ml $6.80

Prestige 14mm Polished Chrome Fingerpost Knob $2.19

Dixie Belle Slick Stick Primer 8oz $30.40

Dulux Rose Gold Spray Paint High Gloss $15.40

(Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

Total cost?

Each handle would cost about $4 to make! There is an upfront cost of buying all the necessary materials however each handle requires so little of each product.

close up
(Credit: Teleasha Shorter)

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