Reap the health benefits from an outdoor office

Jason Hodges shows you how

With the number of people working from home on the rise, so too is the popularity of the home office. Setting up an outdoor office is a cost-effective way to use space in the backyard whilst incorporating nature for scientifically proved benefits.

“Technology and flexible working hours have led to a growing number of Australians choosing to work from home – it’s easy to see why there is a huge rise in the outdoor office, thanks to our great climate and the added health benefits that lead to a more enjoyable and balanced work life”, explains landscaping expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador, Jason Hodges.

Wellbeing and productivity

According to Planet Ark research1, there are significant health and environmental benefits to incorporating nature into your daily routine. Spending time with nature induces positive feelings with 86 per cent of Australians who have a close connection with nature are significantly happier, and just 10 minutes spent outside can help to improve mental health and wellbeing.

Adding elements of nature into your workday such as fresh air, natural light and greenery can be a mood-booster and great for the brain – resulting in increased productivity, focus and creativity whilst reducing mental fatigue.


Having a garden office proves to be beneficial in more ways than increasing your work productivity alone. It is about convenience and making life easier. People are attracted by the versatility of working in an open, light-filled space, away from the noise and distractions from every day life.

The ability to escape and connect with nature in the comfort of your own home is a winning combination.

Jason Hodges offers his top tips when designing the outdoor office.

outdoor desk

1. Embrace your outdoor office with a landscaped, leafy outlook. Incorporate easy-to-maintain garden beds and vertical garden walls that will add visual interest, maximise the space available and create privacy.

2. Use large format pavers to create a solid area that will clearly define the workspace. Try Adbri’s Euro Stone 400×400 paver that will create a solid foundation and separate the office from the rest of the yard. If you have a lawn, place the pavers as stepping-stones to and from the entry for a practical and aesthetic aspect.

3. With longer, warmer days throughout spring and summer, opt for shade cloths, pergolas or umbrellas to reduce sun exposure and glare.

4. Introduce a water feature that will enhance the aesthetic appeal and serve as a functional purpose such as blocking out noise from traffic or neighbours – creating a tranquil ambience.

5. Selecting the right furniture is imperative, as it will allow you to add structure and maximise the usability of all available space. Look to seating with hidden storage space or try building a seating wall with Adbri’s AB Courtyard blocks.

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