Garage storage solutions that save precious floor space

Make the most of vertical areas.

Control clutter in your garage while keeping everything you need within easy reach. With just a quick DIY you can have your tools organised by hanging or mounting them on the wall.

Many people are familiar with the benefits and adaptability a pegboard, but that’s only one of the ways you can utilise vertical space to organise your garage.

Conquer the clutter with rail-based storage systems, jumbo hooks and tote boards are all functional and easy-to-use solutions for keeping your essentials in order. There’s also considerable crossover between product ranges, giving you even more options when it comes to arranging your storage. For example, you can buy a tote holder that fits onto your pegboards, or jumbo hooks designed to lock onto rail panels.

Tote boards

Find a place for all your smaller bits and pieces using plastic totes mounted on specialised holding plates. Tote boards are available in a range of sizes and dimensions, and some can be integrated into other storage systems, such as pegboards or track shelving. Another advantage is that you can choose totes in a range of sizes and colours, then keep them on the board and unhook them for easier access, or to take them anywhere they’re needed.


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A pegboard is usually the first thing that comes to mind when wall-mounted tool storage is mentioned. This versatile idea has stood the test of time, it’s inexpensive and easy to set up, and the range of accessories and holders is incredible. From spanner racks to lock-in shelves to can holders, you are sure to find a solution for putting up just about any hand tool or small garage item.

Rail storage systems

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As with pegboards, rail storage solutions are incredibly adaptable because there are so many different hooks, baskets, pocket organisers and other accessories available, all of which can be locked onto any location along the rail. Stacking several rows of rails also gives you more options regarding the height at which you hang your belongings. And because it’s so easy to add or remove accessories from the rails, you can swap the array of garden tools or sports gear you keep on hand as the seasons change.

Jumbo hooks

A lawnmower is only one of the countless large garage items that can be left hanging! There are heavy-duty jumbo hooks designed to suit line trimmers, snowboards, extension cords, bicycles, leaf blowers, you name it. They are typically made from tough powder-coated steel, and often have soft foam sleeves to cushion whatever you use them to store.

For everything from bikes to garden tools to saws and spanners, vertical thinking is the way to go!

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