How to make your own strawberry tower

This simple DIY shows you how to grow strawberries in just about any sunny spot.
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If you don’t have much space but still want to grow strawberries, Melissa’s got a great idea to let you grow them in just about any sunny spot: a diy strawberry tower.

Based on a laundry basket, this planter will save you not only space but money, too.

The best part is that once you master growing your delicious strawberries, they can be used in various dishes. Here are our favourite strawberry recipes

For this strawberry tower, you will need 12 strawberry plants. Read on to find out everything you need to make a strawberry tower. 

How to make a DIY strawberry planter

Gather your supplies 

You’ll also need:

diy strawberry tower
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Easy step-by-step instructions: strawberry planter


diy strawberry planter step one melissa king is holding a white washing basket
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Drill drainage holes in base of basket. 


melissa king places a hessian bag inside the washing basket
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Line the basket with a hessian sack. 


step 3 the hessian sack appears cut in 12 of the holes of the washing basket
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Push sack through 12 holes in basket and cut holes in sack with secateurs. 


step 4 melissa fills the planter with potting mix
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Fill basket about 2/3 full with potting mix. 


plant the strawberry plants through the holes in the planter
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Feed roots of strawberry plants through holes into potting mix. 


Add more potting mix to top of basket. 


melissa planting lavender in the top of the strawberry planter
(Credit: Brent Wilson)

Plant out the top of the basket with ornamental plants of choice.  

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