3 colour schemes for your house

Pick up the brush and roller – it’s time to refresh your kerb appeal!
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It’s not breaking news to hear that a lick of paint does wonders to transform the look of a home. It will absolutely take your kerb appeal to the next level! But, a little help choosing the colour scheme is a welcome relief, right?

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Pick a self-priming exterior paint from your supplier, then have it tinted to match one of these three killer combos.

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Looking for something super dramatic? Consider painting your exterior in shades of blackened stone and charcoal. This look is bold and daring in urban settings, but rather traditional-looking when surrounded by greenery. The trick to nailing this effect is specifying two different shades to create depth. A good rule of thumb is to go for a slightly lighter hue on the walls (try Dulux Teahouse), and on the window trim, eaves, porch trim and fences, go near-black (try Dulux Domino).

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Lovin’ this look? Pick a wall colour somewhere on the lighter side of sage (like Dulux Moorland), and highlight your windows and trim with a lovely warm white (try Dulux White Duck Quarter). Then, it’s over to you to bring punch – and loads of personality – to your front door, achieved here with a coat of paint in a fabulous shade of seafoam (try Dulux Classic Calm). All eyes on this sharp-looking black front deck, too! P.S. if you have a new Colorbond roof or awning, here in Woodland Grey, you can match the colour and paint your existing guttering and downpipes to suit.

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Equally fitting to a sleepy beachside shack, country cottage or everyday house in the ‘burbs, this simple yet smart colour scheme will make your home look fresh and bright. Paint the main walls in a soft grey, then paint trim such as windows and railings in bright white (such as Dulux Vivid White). Add impact – the wow factor – with a brightly coloured door in a shade you love. And remember, you can switch up your door colour every year or two to totally change the look of your home.

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