11 products you can get from Ikea that are actually handmade

One-of-a-kind items for your home.

When you think of artisanal handcrafted products, you don’t automatically think of Ikea. After all, the Swedish retail giant is best known for its mass-manufactured flatpack furniture.

But delver a little deeper into Ikea’s shelves and you’ll find a plethora of handmade products that are unique and one-of-a-kind.

Here, we’ve rounded up the best handmade items at Ikea.

1. FABULÖS glasses, $2.99 each.

Ikea Fabulos glasses
(Credit: Ikea)

These decorative glasses feature an organic blue design and each one is unique. They will add a handmade element to your dinner table.

2. NORDRANA basket, set of 2, $14.99.

Ikea Nordrana baskets
(Credit: Ikea)

Each basket is hand-crocheted by Vietnamese craftspeople with good working conditions and fair wages at organised weaving centres.

3. MELHOLT flatwoven dark blue rug, $89.

Ikea Melholt rug
(Credit: Ikea)

The dark blue wool has been randomly woven into the jute, making each rug unique.

4. HULTET bamboo dish, $6.99.

Ikea Hultet dish
(Credit: Ikea)

Each dish is made by hand with bamboo, a renewable material that creates interesting patterns and designs for pieces with personality.

5. SINNERLIG bamboo pendant lamp, $89.

Ikea Sinnerlig lamp
(Credit: Ikea)

This Ilse Crawford designed pendant is woven by hand, casting decorative light patterns around the room.

6. BUSKBO rattan armchair, $199.

Ikea Buskbo armchair
(Credit: Ikea)

Woven by hand, this rattan armchair introduces a natural element into your home.

7. SÖTHOLMEN blue indoor-outdoor cushion cover, $20.99.

Ikea Sotholmen cushion
(Credit: Ikea)

Add character to your outdoor space with this handcrafted cushion cover that’s been sustainably dyed.

8. SOARÉ water hyacinth place mat, $2.99.

Soare water hyacinth place mat
(Credit: Ikea)

Add a handmade element to your table setting with these handcrafted place mats.

9. STOCKHOLM 2017 blue tealight holder/vase, $6.99.

Ikea Stockholm 2017 tealight holder/vase
(Credit: Ikea)

Each glass piece is mouthblown and handmade and can be used alternately as a tealight holder or a vase.

10. IKEA ART EVENT 2019 multicolour rug, $699.

Ikea multicolour rug
(Credit: Ikea)

Hand-tufted by skilled craftspeople, each rug is unique and made in a centre with good working conditions, fair wages, stable work and care for the environment.

11. BÖJA rattan bamboo pendant lamp, $99.

Boja rattan bamboo pendant lamp
(Credit: Ikea)

Each handmade shade is unique, diffusing a space with soft glowing light.

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