Four ways to rethink your window sill

Make the most of this tiny space.

There’s one in just about every room, and it’s usually located front and centre, impossible for the eye to miss. Window sills are something each and everyone one of us has in our homes, yet how many of us are utilising this space effectively? All it takes is a little creative thought and some DIY-ing to transform this small space into a functional spot in the room, or a style statement.

Idea One

Extend the space with a fit-over shelf.  Have a custom shelf fitted over your windowsill and sturdily affixed to the wall to create extra shelving, or a study space with a view.

Idea Two

Have a set of tall, narrow shelves custom fitted to your windowsill, then fill it with greenery such as succulents or small plants. The sunny location will keep your plants happy while the leaves improve the air quality in your home.

Idea Three

If the room of your chosen windowsill is painted all in one colour, such as white, try painting the inside of the windowsill a bright colour. Not only will it make the room pop and add a point of interest, but it’ll make a style statement, too.

Idea Four

Custom fix window boxes to your windowsill to grow plants, herbs or flowers. This is a particularly good idea with anyone craving a garden but who lacks space. Suitable for urban apartments and suburban homes alike, this little transformation can add permanent colour to the room and is perfect for kitchen windowsills.

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