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One Melbourne mum put her time in lockdown to good use by upgrading her home with not one, but three epic photo walls.

WATCH: Melissa makes a photo wall

Kylie Gromadovski recently shared the post to the Facebook group Kmart Inspired Homes.

“My favourite walls in the house!” she said.

While she’d originally created the first family photo wall over a year ago, Kylie found herself looking for a project during lockdown. She decided to make use of all the photos she couldn’t fit on the first wall by creating a second, and then a third photo wall.

The post received over 5,000 likes and over 500 people commented to share their amazement.

“That’s looks fantastic! A good talking point in your home when you have friends come over, well done,” one woman wrote. “I’m so doing this, absolutely love it,” wrote another.

photo wall in living room
The first and original wall (Credit: Kylie Gromadovski)

If you have a few hours spare, then why not give this stunning DIY a go, here’s how.

– First, she started by measuring the height and width and then calculating the best print size for the space. She opted for the 6” square prints which fit all three walls. 

– She had the photos printed at Harvey Norman, and chose a white border which she credits as the trick to making them look perfectly spaced. She also went for a matte print as she didn’t want a glossy look to the photos.

– Then using an inch or so of double-sided tape in each corner, she began sticking them to the wall. Starting in the top left corner she filled in the first row before working her way down and across. 

photo wall
The second wall (Credit: Kylie Gromadovski)

If you’re concerned about the tape pulling off the paint, Kylie says she’s had no trouble and has since swapped photos out for newer ones.

“I actually moved a couple from my older two walls to the newer one and they came off fine. It’s been easy to take individual prints off and update with new ones as I take new photos,” she says.

The third wall

To keep them clean she recommends giving them a wipe with a microfiber cloth every now and then to keep dust at bay.

One final tip before you go off to make your own creation, if you have a little one whose likely to rip the photos off, try putting the tape right in the corner to keep them nice and flat. 

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