The ultimate guide to hanging heavy objects in your home

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Working out what you’ll need to hang things around your home can be confusing.

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Not only does it depend on the wall type, it also varies according to the weight of what you’re hanging. Here’s a guide to the fixings you’ll need to hang anything around your home.

Types of walls

There are two types of walls, plaster and masonry, and there are different fixings for each. Interior plaster walls are built using sheets of plasterboard attached to a timber frame, leaving a cavity behind the plasterboard. The vertical parts of the timber frame are called studs and are the strongest place to hang things from.

Masonry walls are made use bricks or blocks. They either have the bricks exposed or covered with cement render, which is a smooth finish.

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How to hang a light picture on plaster walls

In plaster walls, items under 4 kilograms can be hung using picture hooks. The small nail that comes with the hook is driven into the wall on a downwards angle, so it’s less likely to pull out.

How to hang a heavy picture on plaster walls

For slightly heavier items, use a fixing called a Wallmate. It screws into the plasterboard and you then screw into the Wallmate. There are various sizes to suit different weights up to around 10 kilograms.

How to hang a picture on a brick wall

In brick walls, you’ll need to drill a hole with a masonry drill bit and insert a tap in wall anchor, which is a nail encased in a plastic sleeve. Slip the anchor through a hook before you tap it in.

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How to put a shelp up on plaster walls

In plaster walls, the strongest solution is to attach shelf brackets directly into the timber wall studs using normal wood screws. To find the studs, tap along the wall until the hollow sound changes to one that is more solid or use an inexpensive stud finder. If there are no convenient studs where you want to put the shelf, use a heavier duty cavity fixing such as a spring toggle or Super Wallmate.

How to put a shelf up on brick walls

In brick walls use wall plugs. These are coloured plastic plugs which you tap into a hole drilled in the wall and then screw into. The size of the plug and the corresponding diameter of the drill bit you’ll need is determined by the thickness (or gauge) of the screw.

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How to hang heavy things on plaster walls

In plaster walls, to hang the heaviest items, you will have no choice other than to go into the timber wall studs.

How to hang heavy things on brick walls

In masonry walls, you have more options. Dynabolts are expanding sleeves that go into a hole drilled in the wall. The nut on the end is tightened, pushing the sleeve out to grip the wall. If the wall is made from extruded bricks (the type with lots of holes in the middle) Dynabolts may not work. In this instance use heavy duty masonry screws. Use galvanised fixings if it’s outside as they won’t rust.

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