How to decorate according to your star sign

Need a little guidance?

Our homes are a physical representation of our personality. The colours we like, art that appeals to us, objects we treasure, photos we’ve taken and styles we admire are all on display. While many people have a good idea of how they want their homes to look, sometimes executing the trend in a way that feels ‘just right’ to you isn’t as easy as we think it will be. If you’re looking for a little guidance when it comes to interior design, why not look to the stars for inspiration, and let your star sign guide you through your re-decoration or reno.  


Cancer signs tend to be connected to their emotions and have an interesting core to their personality. Reflect this in your home with art and bold pieces of furniture that speak to your personality, as well as soothing sentimental objects to help you feel at home. An air pant that only require a daily misting will suit your routine well.  


Virgo’s have homes that are clean and tidy, and they appreciate order and organisation. Cater to your traits and ensure your home has plenty of stylish or concealed storage options and look to Scandinavian or minimalist trends for decorating inspiration. Neutral tones will appeal to you, and the perfect houseplant is a Monstera adansonii.


A lover of beautiful things, the Taurus appreciate fine art, beautiful furniture, plush rugs and tactile fabrics. Indoor/outdoor space and connection is important to a Taurus, as is showcasing your personal taste and style. A trendy fiddle leaf fig would suit your home perfectly.


A traveller at heart, a Sagittarius likes to collect trinkets and knick-knacks from their many adventures and keep them on display. A bohemian or coastal aesthetic will appeal to your, as will natural materials such as leather, linen, wool and cotton. A snake plant can withstand almost any condition, so it won’t suffer whenever you need to take an adventure to satisfy your wanderlust.


Pisces is a water sign that likes calming spaces, cool tones, solitude and running water. Try to integrate a water feature into your home or garden, look to sea tones of pastels, creams, light greens or blues for your home and add colour by way of art or accessories. A string of pearls plant is as easy going as your personality.


A libra appreciates a beautifully styled elegant home that is also functional. Focus on creating plush gathering spaces in entertaining areas such as the living room, kitchen or dining to cater to your love of social activity. Balanced proportions and symmetry will visually soothe you when it comes to redecorating your home. Try a Chinese money plant for indoor greenery.


Leos are captivating people, and as such their homes tend to be equally enthralling. A maximalist style with lots of art, colour and striking furniture will work for you. If you’re looking for a houseplant try the polka-dot begonia, it’s bright blooms will reduce your need to buy fresh flowers so often.


Each room in a Gemini’s home tends to reflect an aspect of their life or personality, making a bohemian or eclectic style perfect for expressing themselves at home. Lots of prints, patterns, colours and unusual colour or textural combinations will work in your home. Try an African violet for an indoor plant that’s as eye-catching as you.


A gallery-like home that has been decorated with restraint will appeal to a Capricorn. You might lean toward a darker palette but remember to inject some colour to keep things upbeat. Craftsmanship is important to you when it comes to selecting new furniture and homewares. Look to independent designers who hand-make their products for the perfect pairing. A succulent would suit your home perfectly.


The strong Aquarius personality loves a bohemian and creative home that’s filled with unique objects, art and fun pieces of furniture. Head to flea markets to find that one-off piece you’ve been looking for, and pick up a Calathea triostar plant while you’re there. It’s the best houseplant match for an Aquarius, because no two are alike – just like you.


Aries signs like bright colours and light filled space that offer the flexibility to try new styles and trends in their homes. A neutral palette is best for facilitating this. Make your house feel like a home by decorating with treasured objects, mementos and inspirational imagery, and avoid muted colours.  A ZZ plant would best suit the Aries lifestyle, as it can thrive on neglect.


A Scorpio can take a style they like and execute it perfectly in their own home. Make your chosen theme personal by surrounding yourself with souvenirs and gifts from friends to make it more your own.  Amp up a neutral palette by playing up texture in your homewares and accessories.

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