This stylish side table doubles as a terrarium

Upgrade your space with this two-in-one.
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It’s no secret that indoor plants are one of the easiest ways to transform a space – which is why so many people are filling their homes with them in lockdown. 

WATCH: Charlie Abone upcycles a coffee table and a fish tank into terrariums

What better way to create an indoor plant sanctuary then to combine your furniture with greenery – and this new Green Glass Terrarium Table aims to do exactly that.

Combining design with gardening, this two-in-one table functions as a practical spot to rest your coffee cup while displaying your thriving plant babies.

Terrarium table close up photo
(Credit: The Plant Lounge)

At $299, the versatile design allows it to transform any room in the house. Available in white, black, spearmint and dusty pink, it will work with a variety of interior palettes.

Terrarium table

And it will also free up some space while housing your plant collection. 

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