This is the indoor plant everyone wants for 2024

It's easy to care for and air-purifying!

Indoor plants are the best decor item out there, but which one will be trending for 2024? 

House plants have been a running decor trend for the last couple of years. With peace lilies, monstera and even olive trees becoming the new annual favourite, it’s time to work out the best indoor plant for 2024. 

And the chosen plant is…

Dracaena deremensis or ‘white stripes dracaena’! 

According to the 2024 Plant Trends Report from Easyplant, this vibrant, tufted plant is the perfect addition to any household. While it is easy to care for and has very little needs, one of the main reasons Dracaena deremensis is such a good decor item is the fact that it is air-purifying. 

An air-purifying plant means that it adds additional oxygen and purifies the air of toxins wherever it is planted. This makes the Dracaena deremensis ideal for areas in the house that have an increased amount of toxins and germs, such as the bathroom. 

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Caring for a Dracaena deremensis

This beautiful plant heralds from Africa, and is a tropical plant. Although many indoor rooms are not a similar temperament to tropical climates, a Dracaena deremensis works well in any temperature. This makes it easy to place and easy to care for. 

In terms of maintenance, a Dracaena deremensis loves the sun, but does not require full sun to thrive. Place your pot near a window or in a dappled sunlight setting and it will do just fine! 

Watering your plant can be done once a week or when the top 2-3 inches of soil has dried out.

During the wintertime, it is best to place your Dracaena deremensis in a spot that stays warm and out of any outdoor cold winds. 

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Styling your Dracaena deremensis

Adding greenery to your living spaces is always a great way to enhance style details and bring life to a dull area. Whether you’re into modern design, mid-century furniture or even a farmhouse aesthetic, a ‘white stripes dracaena’ is perfect for any indoor setting. 

This plant will grow to have several spiky tufts with beautiful green leaves. This type has a white stripe running down each leaf, which creates an interesting focal point. 

Style this plant by highlighting the stripy texture. Placing minimal or neutral decor around this plant will make it shine, while adding in excessive colour and pattern may make it look overwhelming and busy. 

The best position for this indoor plant is in a room with higher ceilings. It can grow surprisingly tall, so catering for future height should definitely be considered. 

Dracaena deremensis or Janet Craig Compacta

Wherever you do place a Dracaena deremensis, it will always be a statement piece.

Unlike the calming peace lily or creeping pothos, this houseplant will not fade into the background but instead be the centre of attention. Style your Dracaena deremensis with this in mind. 

The Dracaena deremensis should be placed in an area in need of stand-alone styling.

A hallway, empty bathroom corner or gap in living room furniture is the perfect spot!

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