How to layer window treatments like a pro

Mix and match to suit all your light and privacy needs.

When it comes to decorating a room, window treatments like curtains, blinds and shutters aren’t always top of mind. But when they’re missing, we quickly realise how important they are. Window treatments provide the perfect finishing touch to a space, helping to set the tone for the look and feel of the room. And they serve countless functions, from blocking out light, to ensuring privacy and boosting energy savings by keeping things cool in summer and cosy in winter.

Sometimes, one window treatment just isn’t enough. That’s where layering comes in. It’s a design trick that all interior designers swear by, but to pull it off, you need to follow a few general rules. Master the art of layering with these tips from the experts in all things blinds and curtains, Carpet Court.

Roller blinds are a timeless option.
(Supplied: Carpet Court)

Combination 1: Roller blinds + light filtering blinds

For a minimalist aesthetic that blocks out the light, roller blinds are a timeless option. Popular in both modern and traditional Australian homes, rollers come in various colours and textures, so you can match them seamlessly with your walls for extra style points.

Pairing them with light-filtering blinds will give you even greater flexibility. Light-filtering blinds allow you to enjoy the outlook and sunlight during the day with privacy. At night, pull down the rollers for total privacy and an extra layer of insulation.

Carpet Court’s Downton Light Filter blind features all the sleekness of a roller blind, as well as a textured jacquard finish that brings a touch of casual elegance to a scheme. Choose from light or dark colour options.

Block-out blinds give you total control over light and privacy.
(Supplied: Carpet Court)

Combination 2: Block-out blinds + sheer curtains

There’s nothing better than block-out blinds if you want total control over the light that shines into your room, as well as maximum privacy. They’re a particularly great option for nurseries and bedrooms.

To soften the look, just add curtains. Floor-to-ceiling sheer curtains create the illusion of space and height in smaller spaces, and you can choose from a range of fabrics and thicknesses. From sheer, light linens in living spaces like Carpet Court’s Bali and Sicily range to thicker variations like in their Seattle range that bring a level of cosy luxury to bedrooms.

Combination 3: Sheer curtains + block-out curtains

Sheers and block-out curtains are a classic pairing that will suit both contemporary and traditional interiors. They’ll give you the perfect balance of light and privacy and a sense of cohesiveness.

It’s completely up to you what way you’d like to layer them. Keeping the sheer curtains as the bottom layer creates a pretty petticoat-like effect, while the solid curtains on top command maximum attention. However, the current trend for placing the block-out curtains behind and the sheers on top creates a bright and airy atmosphere that’s perfectly suited to our Australian lifestyle.

Layering window treatments is a real art.
(Supplied: Carpet Court)

Extra layering tips

  • Leave a 200-250mm gap – when installing and layering your window treatments, leave a niche inset in your ceilings to hide the tracks and brackets. Or you can conceal them by adding a matching pelmet or valance.
  • Balance the textures – when pairing window treatments, try to choose one textured option and one that’s more solid and smooth. This will balance out the aesthetic and keep it from looking too heavy and chunky.
  • Be careful with patterns – when it comes to patterned blinds, it’s best not to layer them. It can make your windows look too busy and overwhelming. If you’re a fan of print and really want to use it, opt for one accent pattern and match it with a complementary block-coloured blind.

Brought to you by Carpet Court. Not just experts in floor coverings, Carpet Court also has an extensive range of curtains and blinds to choose from. Head online or in store to check out all of your window treatment options.

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