Small bedroom? This is how to style your bed under the window

In some cases, you don’t have a choice.
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To place the bed in front of the window, or not in front of the window. That is the question. 

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Feng Shui believes the bed is best placed against a solid wall. But in some cases, like a tiny bedroom, you don’t have a choice.

Lisa Alward is the principal interior designer at Bella Vie Interiors. She says, “Putting a bed before a window is a very personal choice.”

Pros and cons

Some advantages of placing your bed in front of your window include allowing natural light to stream in, promoting healthy sleep rhythms, and enjoying a picturesque view. However, Lisa is quick to point out the potential downsides as well. 

“A bed in front of a window can also make you feel exposed, and external disturbances like street noise and glaring lights might disrupt your slumber.”

how to style a bed under a window
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How to style a bed in front of a window

Thankfully, if the choice to put your bed in front of the window is out of your hands, Lisa has some tips for making it work.

  • Privacy first: She recommends incorporating sheer curtains or translucent blinds to maintain privacy while allowing light to filter in.
  • Lights out: For evening tranquillity, Lisa suggests adding blackout curtains to shield against nighttime street noise and harsh lights.
  • Tidiness matters: Lisa emphasises the impact of a well-made bed. Keeping the bed neatly arranged can significantly enhance the look and feel of the room.
  • Breathe life into the area: Add plants, lights and décor to help balance the energy in the room and make it feel more inviting
  • Consider a bedhead: If the bedhead is positioned in front of the window, she suggests a solid bedhead to provide support and grounding.

What window treatments work with the bed under the window?

With any window treatments, Lisa says you’ll need to consider the following:

  • The window’s size and shape may limit the options available to suit the room. Some windows are unsuitable for curtains, and others may only work with shutters. If you choose curtains, full length will always look more elegant and, if possible, wall-to-wall for ultimate luxe appeal.
  • Choose the appropriate window covering to suit the outlook and how much privacy is required. Sheer curtains or blinds are essential for privacy during the day, and blackout curtains or blinds help darken a room at night for a more peaceful sleep.
  • The bedroom style and whether you are creating a sleek modern space or a more traditional bedroom. Do you need colour, or is a neutral window covering better suited to your style?
  • Your budget. Some window coverings, such as roller blinds, are more cost-effective than shutters, curtains or Roman blinds.
styling bed under window

How to incorporate bedside lighting 

If your bed has to be placed under a window because it’s the only option, Lisa says you might need to get creative with lighting.

“When you have more space in a bedroom, it’s easy to lean into symmetry. Whether you choose large or small lamps, wall sconces or pendant lighting. Symmetry adds balance and creates a more beautiful bedroom,” she says.

“When the bed is next to the window, you may need to take an asymmetrical approach to balance the room layout. Whatever layout, consider if you’d like brighter lighting for reading or soft, diffused lighting to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere.”

bed placed under a window
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Common mistakes when placing a bed in front of a window

If your bed is in front of a window, remember the following:

  • Let in natural light: Lisa says to avoid blocking any natural light depending on the bed and window size. Bring the bed forward slightly to create space and light if space allows.
  • Avoid dark, heavy curtains: these will block out the natural light. Instead, choose light sheer curtains or blinds to let the light in.
  • Add personal touches: “a bed styled in a bland and impersonal way will not be as inviting or relaxing. To rectify this, add personal touches to the area around the bed, such as a candle, a piece of art, a plant, or a favourite photo,” says Lisa.
  • Don’t neglect the view: if your window offers a stunning view, ensure it becomes an integral part of your bedroom’s aesthetic. Lisa says to consider using sheer curtains or blinds that allow ample natural light to filter through while preserving the scenery. 

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