Meet Mother Nature’s finest fertiliser

Help your garden flourish while supporting soil health.

Blooming roses, juicy citrus trees and a garden bursting with greenery… if you’re a keen gardener but this sounds more like a dream rather than a reality, you are in luck.

Drawing on its long family history in the citrus and rose-growing industry, BioGuano Australia has just released a commercial-grade quality fertiliser direct to the home garden market, exclusively through specialist garden centres right around Australia.

And it’s everything we hoped it would be – helping to boost plants’ immune systems, promote vigorous growth, flowering and fruiting, and improve soil health. It’s both a soil conditioner and fertiliser in one product, and more importantly, it’s 100% organic.

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BioGuano Liquid Seabird Guano Fertilisers are a rich source of natural phosphorus, calcium, silicon, organic carbon and oceanic minerals to help build strong, resilient, high-yielding crops and colourful, healthy home gardens.

Deeply ingrained roots and gardening expertise

With a family heritage of over 100 years in plants, trees and flower growing markets, BioGuano Australia have developed a deep understanding of what it takes to create a premium, effective fertiliser.

“As a family-owned and operated business, we’ve put our heart, expertise, and commitment to quality into crafting BioGuano+,” says Mr Matt Tyrrell, CEO of BioGuano Australia.

“Home gardeners all over Australia love our product; noticing a significant improvement in plant health, coupled with a remarkable reduction in pests and diseases.”

It’s not just home gardening enthusiasts and industry who are impressed – celebrity gardening experts are, too. The company recently introduced respected horticulturist and beloved Better Homes and Gardens presenter, Mr Graham Ross, as the brand ambassador for BioGuano+.

“BioGuano+ is an exciting new fertiliser – nothing artificial, a real organic treat for all our garden plants, trees, shrubs, veggies, herbs and lawns,” said Graham.

“I’m using it! Gardeners love recycling and reusing things. When nature does it for you, to feed your plants, it’s a win all round.”

Better Homes and Gardens presenter Graham’s commitment, spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for gardening makes him an ideal
Better Homes and Gardens presenter Graham’s commitment, spirit, enthusiasm, and passion for gardening makes him an ideal Brand Ambassador and confirms BioGuano’s commitment to understanding and improving the future of Australian horticulture.

Nature’s finest organic fertiliser

Matt says this organic source of phosphorus and calcium spurs vigorous growth, bolsters your plant’s immune system, and augments soil health.

“BioGuano+ isn’t just a fertiliser – it’s a unique blend of mineralised seabird guano providing a soil conditioner and fertiliser all in one. Along with a complementary blend of natural minerals and bio-stimulants, BioGuano+ supports optimum photosynthesis. It is vital for plants to stay resilient and healthy through their growth, flowering, and fruiting stages,” Matt adds.

“Our product is designed with ease of use and safety in mind for all garden environments.  A simple addition of a capful to your 9L watering can unleashes the power of our premium fertiliser, transforming your garden into a healthier, more vibrant space.”

Join the flourishing family

It’s not just your garden that will reap the fruits of the fertiliser, says Matt. 

“Being part of BioGuano Australia means you’re embracing more than just a product; you’re joining a family committed to quality, respect for nature, and an unwavering love for gardening. As an Australian company, we’re delighted to offer a product that’s not just highly effective but also conscious of the environment.

“In essence, BioGuano+ is Mother Nature’s Best Fertiliser – pure goodness for your garden. By choosing BioGuano+, you’re opting for a blend of commercial-grade efficiency with the environmental benefits of organic materials. This is a product made by gardeners for gardeners right here in Australia.”

beautiful garden Bio Guano
BioGuano+ is Mother Nature’s Best Fertiliser – pure organic goodness for your garden.

You’re invited

To join the BioGuano family and embark on a journey towards healthier gardens and a greener Australia, “choose BioGuano+,” says Matt. “Your garden will thank you for it!”

Brought to you by BioGuano+

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