The rare collectable houseplant selling for $300 in stores

How serious are you about indoor plants?

As any home-enthusiast will tell you, the obsession with indoor plants is real, and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing down. Once you have one indoor plant, you must have them all. What starts out as a singular spider-plant in the sunny corner of your kitchen turns into a full-blown foliage party, with ivy, lilies and orchids in every corner and on every shelf.

And although we’ve seen indoor plant trends come and go, from the resurgence of the fern to the fiddle leaf fig, the latest indoor plant trend is a little different from the others – and not for fair-weather gardeners.

The ‘Thai Constellation’ variegated Monstera is a small indoor vine with white-dappled leaves that has only been available in Australia since March. To buy a 25cm plant in a pot will set you back around $300, while buying a full size plant online reportedly costs up to $1100. An interesting development in the world of plants, considering the average Monstera plant only costs around $30-$40. So, what makes this plant so special?

thai constellation monstera
(Credit: Available from Verdant Dwellings)

This particular type of variegated Monstera is made in a plant lab in Thailand, and without genetic influence by scientists, the plant would not produce the colouring it has become famous for.  In fact, reports claim that naturally, only one in every 50,000 Monstera plants will produce this colouring when grown naturally, as it is actually something of a genetic mutation.

thai constellation monstera
(Credit: eBay)

However, it may not be wise to invest in the trend just yet. Experts hypothesis that as the plant becomes easier to grow and reproduce, the prices will come down. This is one of those times when patience will pay off. But do keep your eyes peeled for this eye-catching specimen next time you’re at the plant nursery.

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