How to protect your veggies from birds without harming them

Pests will always be a part of gardening, but they can be controlled.
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It’s peak growing season, and with the abundance of fruit, vegetables and other plants in the garden, there are also annoying garden pests.

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So how do you protect your plants from birds, possums and other wildlife without harming them?

How to protect your veggies from birds without harming them

JACK has released a range of products for the home garden that give different types of protection depending on the size and type of crop to be grown – and we think they’re pretty clever. 

Here are our top picks for protecting your plants from pests without harming them. 

jack crop cage protect plants
JACK crop cage, 3600mm long $47.99

Crop cages

JACK Crop Cages are hardy and reusable and ideal for crops of vegetables from leafy greens, broccoli and cauliflowers to zucchini and eggplants, as well as strawberries

JACK Protective Shade Grow Tunnel $18.99

Crop tunnels

JACK has two protective tunnels to choose from. The Insect Resistant Grow tunnel, which features a transparent fine mesh cover that filters sunlight and allows air and rainwater to pass through. It offers the same protection from birds, animals, insects and harsh weather. This tunnel is ideal for strawberries, tomatoes and leaf vegetables.

And the Protective Shade Grow Tunnel provides a shaded environment during the hot summer months.

protecting garden from pests
JACK all-weather cover, $19.99

All-weather cover

A popular choice for smaller groups of veggies and herbs is the JACK all-weather cover. It filters direct sunlight while keeping pests out. The top section features the shade mesh, while the clear PVC sides keep plants and soil warmer in the colder months while retaining soil moisture.

lettuce growing it pots
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More ways to protect your garden from pests. 

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