A new service now delivers gorgeous plants to your door every month

Ideal for indoor and outdoor plant lovers.

 Do you adore indoor plants, but never have the time to get out to a plant nursery or garden store? Or perhaps you buy the plant, but never get around to re-potting it? Whatever your crime against plants is, there’s now a service that does all the work out of plant selection and potting for you.

Plant subscription services have been around for a little while now, and they’re useful on many levels. It’s the perfect gift for a friend or family member who wants to get into plants, but doesn’t know where to start. Plant subscription services also make excellent housewarming gifts. But the real beauty of these services is that they deliver a beautiful plant in a perfectly healthy condition direct to your door, complete with an artisan pot and care instructions.

No plant research required, no shopping for pots or having to repot the plant yourself. It’s all done for you. And better yet, the prices are totally affordable.

indoor fern plant
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Botanic Box, for example, delivers to Queensland, New South Wales, ACT and Victoria and a three-month subscription will cost you just $49.95. Not bad considering one plant can cost anywhere between $10-30. Each month, the plants and pot are different, ensuring you have a buzzing collection by the end of your subscription.

Similarly, Leaf Supply is an indoor plant and pot delivery service that delivers to inner city residents who have trouble finding their own frondy friends. Alternatively, you can have indoor and outdoor plants delivered to your door by Plants In A Box, who sell high quality plants online at an affordable price point, and ship them into yards across Australia for free.

Now it doesn’t matter how time poor you are, become plants can now come to you! What are you waiting for? The time to become a plant parent is now!

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