How to make a birdcage flower planter

Fill a vintage birdcage with a lovely floral combo.
Better Homes and Gardens

Add an interesting element to your garden by upcycling an old, empty birdcage. Not only does it makes for the perfect easy-to-do, vintage-inspired DIY project but the results are more stunning than you’d expect. 

Transformed into a living floral arrangement, this ornamental birdcage is a feature that can be at home anywhere. Along with your cage, all you need is coconut fibre liner, peat moss and a selection of fabulous potted colour.

If you don’t have a birdcage lying around, head to your local thrift store or weekend markets (might as well grab some flowers while your there) and you’re bound to find one. If all else fails, local online trade groups and social media rarely let you down. 

Here’s how

• Cut fibre liner to fit base and around sides of birdcage, ensuring side pieces are 150mm high.

• Soak peat moss in a bucket of water, squeeze out excess and use to loosely fill birdcage to height of lining.

• Leaving plants in their pots, arrange decoratively around birdcage, tucking pots into peat moss. 

• Allow foliage of trailing plants to tumble through bars for a lovely effect.

(Credit: Better Homes and Gardens)

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