How to winter-proof your outdoor setting

Enjoy your deck all-year round.

You don’t have to abandon your outdoors space throughout the winter months. Add the right elements and you can enjoy your deck all-year round.

Add shelter

You can pile on all of the cushions and throw rugs you like, but nothing will keep you toasty-warm if your outdoor space is exposed to the elements.

“Think about something that would work in both summer and winter such as a retractable canopy or remote-control sunroof,” says interior stylist and author Emma Blomfield.

“If your outdoor room already has a roof you could block the sides with a roller blind or screen – a clear one would work for all seasons,” she says.

Outdoor deck setting
(Credit: IXL Fresco)

Install lighting and heating

Make sure your outdoor room has adequate light and heating throughout the summer months.

According to Ms Blomfield, “A multipurpose infrared heater and light, such as the IXL Fresco Aurora Outdoor Heater, which has mood and task lighting, is ideal to enjoy your outdoor space for longer.

“The unobtrusive pendant style, designed to be suspended from your outdoor ceiling, also ensures it doesn’t take up valuable space. And once summer rolls around your heater isn’t obsolete – it’s also a light for the evenings.”

Alternatively, you could add a fire pit to your outdoor space. There are plenty of stylish designs to choose from.

People sitting at outdoor table setting.

Introduce a cosy element

Add warmth to your space with piles of cushions and throw blankets.

Keep the cold out with an outdoor rug under your table setting, and don’t be afraid to layer a couple of smaller rugs on top for an eclectic look.

Soften the space and add an inviting glow with some flickering faux candles in luxe lanterns.

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