Get crafty with your garden pots

Make your place stand out with these bright ideas.
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Nothing quite brightens up your garden more then a colourful flowerpot displaying a stunning selection of blooms. 

Crazy for pots 

If you’ve put the time in to create  a manicured yard and beautiful facade, don’t let your home go unnoticed by hiding the house number! If yours is tricky to see, it’s time for an update. But forget the boring store-bought varieties. Instead, create these fantastic planters to mark the spot and add a boost of life and colour to the front of your home.

Here’s how to create a numbered pot stack. 

Gather your supplies

  • Small, medium and large terracotta pots
  • Outdoor paint (we used Dulux Low Sheen Weathershield Acrylic in Nasturcian Flower, Clary and Vivid White)
  • Selection of potted colour (we used cineraria, bacopa and Federation daisy)
  • House numbers printed on paper
  • Undercoat
  • Paintbrush
  • Fine art brush
  • Pencil
  • Pot sealer
  • Potting mix
  • Utility knife

Here’s how

Step 1

Spray inside of pots with sealer. This will reduce porosity of terracotta and prevent potting mix from quickly drying out.

Step 2

Apply undercoat to inner lip and outer surface of pots. Allow to dry, then paint in desired colours.

Step 3

Once dry, cut out numbers. Position them on largest pot and trace. Fill in outline with a fine art brush.

Step 4

Position large pot in desired location and half- fill with potting mix. Place medium-sized pot in large pot and half-fill with potting mix. Repeat with small pot.

Step 5

Plant small pot and sides of larger pots with flowers, then water in well.

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