I struggled to keep my pool clean, but this one gadget changed everything

Tired of cleaning your pool?
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There comes a time in every pool owner’s life when they question if it’s all worth it. 

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From checking the chlorine levels to fishing out leaves with an awkwardly oversized pole, keeping a pool swimmable takes a lot of effort.

If you’re looking for ways to make cleaning your pool easier, Aiper Global has recently launched its revolutionary cordless robotic pool cleaning brand in Australia. I tested two models: the Aiper Elite Pro and the Seagull SE. Here’s what I thought. 

What is it?

The Aiper Elite Pro and Seagull SE are cordless robotic pool cleaners, and they work exactly like a robot vacuum, except underwater. Both are charged on land before being submerged in the pool. Once in, stand back and watch in awe as your robot works its deep cleaning magic, effectively sucking up dirt and debris from the bottom of your pool.

aiper elite pro
The Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Pool Cleaner

Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

What’s in the box?

  • Aiper elite pro robot
  • Power adapter
  • Instructions
  • Retrieval hook

Hardware specs

Cleaning Capabilities: 90 watts of power pump 71 gallons of water per minute through the Elite Pro

Pool size: cleans pools up to 1300 sq. ft. or 120 m2.

Pool types: The device can be used in above-ground, inground, or all-shaped pools, but not for cleaning pool steps or narrow corners, as your device may be trapped in the corners or stuck on the steps.

Total weight: 4.5 kilos

Battery: 2-hour charge time, 120-minute run time.


Setting up the Aiper Elite Pro was a breeze. It came fully assembled. I just had to plug it in and charge it for two hours. Once it was ready, I pressed the “on” button and lowered it into the pool. You have to shake it to remove any bubbles before letting go; otherwise, it can do wheelies around your pool instead of cleaning it. Once inside, the robot got to work cleaning. 

aiper pool cleaner elite pro
The Aiper Elite Pro Cordless Pool Cleaner underwater


First, I love the design of the Aiper Elite Pro; it’s sleek, compact, and feels like my own Wall-E. It has two sets of wheels: the front caster and dual-track rear wheels with scrubbing brushes attached, giving it extra traction to climb walls.

After three weeks of using our little robot friend, the pool is cleaner. But what really sold me was how much dirt it collected from the bottom of my pool and the walls. Opening the filter bag was gross but good because it meant it was doing its job. It picked up leaves, dirt, sand, and even glass. I have no idea how glass wound up in our pool, but it did.

Additionally, I love that I can drop it in and walk away. Although sometimes I like to stand and watch it do a better job at cleaning than my husband. Once the battery runs out, the robot returns to the side of the pool for easy removal. I was surprised at how light it felt when I hoisted the robot out of the pool using the pole and retrieval hook. No straining was involved. Plus, it’s cordless, so you don’t have to worry about annoying cords getting in the way. 


  • Cordless – no more juggling pool cords
  • Easy to use
  • Picks up sand, glass, small rocks, dirt and other debris.
  • dual-motor system with strong suction
  • it can climb the walls
  • Silent
  • Large filter bag (9.6 L)
  • Saves you so much time


  • This robotic pool cleaner may struggle if your pool has a steep incline. I had no issues, though. 


The Aiper Elite Pro is a game changer. It’s light, easy to use, and can handle sucking up larger leaves. I recommend this product to anyone who wants to save time cleaning their pool. 


AUD $999.99.

Where to buy


aiper seagul se
Aiper Seagull SE cordless pool cleaner

Aiper Seagull SE Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner

What’s in the box?

  • Seagull SE
  • Spare wheels x 2
  • Manual
  • Power cord
  • 2 x brushes
  • Retrieval hook

Hardware specs

Cleaning Capabilities: 30w of power pump 11 gallons of water per minute through the Seagull SE

Pool size: cleans pools up to 80m2

Pool types: flat-bottomed pool

Total weight: 3kg

Battery: It takes 2.5 hours to charge fully and provides over 90 minutes of cleaning capabilities.

Suction: 11GPM(42LPM)


Like the Aiper Elite Pro, the Seagull SE comes fully assembled and ready to go (after charging, of course!). You have to click on the two little brushes underneath. 

seagul se and elite pto
Seagul SE on the left and the Elite pro on the right.


Aiper’s Seagull SE is designed for smaller pools and works in the same way as the Elite Pro. The first noticeable difference is the design. The Seagull SE is smaller and has four caster wheels with two single (much smaller) scrubbing brushes.

When I dropped the Seagull SE into the pool, it seemed much faster; it’s the little pocket rocket you didn’t realise you needed. But you do! 

We recently had a storm, and the pool was full of leaves. I knew the Elite Pro could handle it, but I wanted to see how the Seagull SE compared. While the Seagull SE collected most of the leaves and dirt from the pool, there were still a bunch of large leaves that it didn’t pick up. 


  • Fast and compact
  • Cordless
  • Silent
  • The price – it’s the cheaper of the two
  • Collected sand and dirt from the bottom of the pool. 


  • Smaller filter basket (2L), so you must empty it more frequently.
  • Not suitable for pools with an incline.
  • Doesn’t climb walls
  • Less powerful, but it still does the job.


While smaller and less powerful than the Aiper Elite Pro, the Seagull SE is fast, silent, and more affordable. Its only drawbacks are its smaller filter basket and inability to climb walls.


AUD $429.99. 

Where to buy: 


aiper robot pool cleaners

The verdict

The Aiper Elite Pro and Seagull SE are two robotic pool cleaners that take pool cleaning to the next level. 

The Aiper Elite Pro is the bigger and better of the two, with a powerful dual-motor system, while the Seagull SE is for smaller pools. If you want to spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it, these robotic cleaners are worth checking out.

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