You can now buy Pimm’s and Gordon’s Pink Gin in handy cans

The perfect summer beverages.
pimms and gordons gin canPimm's/Gordon's

While Pimm’s Cups and Gordon’s Pink Gin just scream ‘summer drinks’, the fact is that very few of us take the time to mix our drinks correctly when attending a casual Sunday afternoon barbecue. We’re more likely to grab a beer or a bottle of wine on the go.

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Fortunately, the good folk at Pimm’s and Gordon’s have identified this minor inconvenience and are now producing the classic Pimm’s original No.1 Cup Lemonade and Ginger Ale, and Gordon’s Pink Gin and Soda, in pocket-sized 250ml cans.

pimms and gordons gin can
(Credit: Pimm’s/Gordon’s)

For the gin-lovers out there, Gordons Premium Pink Gin and Soda  delivers a hit of raspberries and strawberries with a dash of bubbly soda.

Pimm’s Original No.1 Cup is a gin-based fruity beverage with notes of caramelised orange and warm spices.

There’s yet to be a confirmation date for availability, so keep your eyes peeled at your local liquor store.

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