This is the tiny Aussie town where you’ll find the world’s best scones

According to a travel expert.
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Australia is known for many things like its beautiful landscape and beaches  but according to one travel expert, it’s now home to the world’s best scone? Look out, Devon and Cornwall!

A UK-based travel writer Andrea Black has dubbed a tiny, coastal town in New South Wales the place to be if you’re after a world-class scone.

She found them just north of Port Macquarie at Ricardoes Tomatoes, a strawberry and tomato farm which has a small café for tourists called Red.

She chronicled the experience in an article for Escape, writing that she had gone to Ricardoes for fresh tomatoes and instead had a ‘life-changing experience’.

“Can a scone melt in your mouth? Can a scone be light as a billowing cloud yet exude buttery tastiness? Can a scone be so delicious that days later you’re planning a two-hour return trip to said farm for more? Yes, yes and yes,” she wrote.

The travel writer said she has never tasted a scone as good as the one she was served at Red, despite the UK being home to the scone.

“I don’t claim to be a scone expert but have been a long-time fan. I’ve tasted scones at various morning and afternoon teas in England, sampled some of the best Scottish scones at my granny’s home near Edinburgh,” she said.

To top it all off you can pick up jars of jam from Ricardoes and bring the experience home with you. 

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