Top tips for making the perfect trifle

Here are our top trifle tips to help you get it just right!

Remember when you were a kid and jelly desserts were the main attraction at parties? Well, you don’t have to miss out on that sense of anticipation with a grown-up trifle. 

But what are the experts tricks of the trade to making a trifle? 

Here are our top 13 tips to make sure you get it right, every time.

After our best trifle recipes?

Strawberry and blueberry trifle
Easy strawberry and blueberry trifle. Click the image for the recipe

1. Prepare all the separate components of the trifle before assembling.

2. Be inventive – use fruit that’s in season.

3. Do not assemble your trifle too far in advance as the soft jelly, custard and cream will blend into the sponge cake. An hour in the fridge is ideal.

4. If you have time, you could make your own sponge cake the day before preparing the trifle.

5. You could also make your own custard, rather than using store bought. 

6. Trifle is easy to make gluten free for people with coeliac disease. Prepare the custard using gluten-free custard powder or purchase gluten-free custard. Make a gluten-free sponge cake using gluten-free flour or gluten-free cornflour.

7. Check the cup capacity of your dish before buying and preparing the ingredients. Larger trifle bowls will need greater quantities to fill them.

8. The number of layers you create will depend on the size and shape of your dish. We have made single layers in this trifle, because it’s a large, shallow dish.

9. Individual trifles made in glasses are an alternative way of serving a trifle.

Chocolate Christmas trifles
Chocolate Christmas trifles. Click on the image for the recipe

10. If you’re not using jam rolls, you may prefer to spread the sponge cake with jam before cutting into cubes.

11. Whatever fruit you use in your trifle, try to match the flavours with the jelly crystals you’re using.

12. Try different forms of cake in your trifle. Chocolate cake, gingerbread, Madeira cake, sponge fingers and biscuits, such as ginger nuts or shortbread, all work well.

13. There are no set rules to making a trifle. Just use your own personal flair to create all those lovely layers!

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